Italian High School Versus SPASH


Picture of Italian school, took from Melissa Uccheddu.

Elena Masala, Hour 5B

If you have the opportunity to travel, see and learn about new realities, you may not always like them, but they will still be an educational experience for your life. Knowing the differences between completely opposite countries is fun, everything changes from what you think, from your ideals.

School is one of the most important things for a person’s life, both for a teenager but also for the older ones who have already lived it. Each person in recent times spends the first 10/20 years of his life with them always around. For parents, school is important from the point of view of studying education for their child, but also for their life experience. If the school doesn’t have a nice environment for yourself, it’s really hard to live it as a daily life. Two different realities between American and Italian school systems, living in them, there are pros and cons.

The  Italian school system foresees that the school starts at 8/8: 30 am (depends on the schedature’s of your school) and ends around 1: 30/2 pm and does not include lunch in it.

In Italy at the end of middle school the choice of high school is made (for example scientific, linguistic, artistic, etc.), so as to be able to begin to approach and understand what everyone wants to do in life: by choosing the address, the school chosen subjects and hours to do that are different every day.

SPASH is the only public high school in Stevens Point in which you attend 6 school hours with 1 or 2 free hours, which you can use to do your homework or to ask for help on some topic from the teachers for all that you need where classes start at 7:35 am and finish at 3pm. The lessons last just under an hour, they are innovative, using the chromebook and doing most of the online activities, so as to be much easier to follow and maintain concentration.

Surely waking up later every morning is better, as is done in the Italian school system; but in the American school even if you wake up early you have the pleasure of coming to school, both because the lessons are much simpler than the lessons in Italy; both because it is a meeting place with one’s friendships

This is a picture that represents a typical lesson in the Italian school.

The Italian school is commonly a very old and retrograde school system (so many children not to want to go to school, for their own mental health); instead SPASH has an innovative learning method towards pupils, making them undertake and interest them in a different way of the school, not only for school hours but also life outside the 7 hours of school that entertain you in staying in school afterwards for play sports or similar activities. 

To explain the retrograde noun as a school, we can talk about the rules, for example, given that in Italy there are still many people with an ancient mentality, with many rules of the old millennium. Therefore, even in the school, not having a youth staff, many rules are imposed on the way of dressing in particular. You are not required to wear any uniforms, but you cannot use short clothing which may include shorts or short shirts, in which you see too much of your body. To ask for something you have to raise your hand. In the classroom it is much more common for a teacher to yell at his pupils, because they expect absolute silence for the entire hour, without exchanging a single word with any classmate. All these rules, if not respected, are punishable by disciplinary sanctions. 

Another example of this statement was explained by the exchange student Giulia Grendene from Italy, attending in SPASH for all this school year. She speaks of the relationship between professors and students is not good, yes there are rearities, in general the teachers are not so interested in life outside the school. One of the most important things in the relationship with the teachers in the Italian school is the fact that when a pupil turns to a male or female teacher he must use the subject “her ” as a sign of respect, you cannot use the “you”.

Instead of in SPASH the teachers are friendly, they know how to relate like older friends who can teach you to face life better, day after day always with a smile on your face. They are very permissive about doing and saying, they have innovative methods so that you do not hate their subject but do it with pleasure and commitment.

Instead, from the chat with Alexius and Annina, two girls who have been attending SPASH for many years, we can draw the opposite of what the Italian school is for SPASH. They describe it as different from other schools in the Point District because it gives more attention to the students, and the staff is much nicer and attentive. In it the relationship between teachers and students is very fluid and sociable, also teachers are all so nice, so it is easy to make connections.

This diversity of relationships between teachers and students may depend on the fact that in Italy it is not possible to carry out any evening activities within the school or if they are possible no one participates because the school is seen as an obligation and a place where more than the time obliged you do not want to stay.

Relationship between teenagers

The Italian school day ends, you cannot stay inside the school, you don’t spend a lot of time through the school having no activities inside the school. Sports are done outside of school with clubs.

On the opposite in SPASH all teenager’s lives are around the school, into there there’s a lot of sports to do, many club and a lot of activities with all the guys in the school,  like see a football match or something like that. It’s really fun meeting new people at these events. 

But one thing is certain that making friends in the school system in SPASH is more difficult than giulia in Italy. In SPASH it is certainly more difficult to have relationships with all classmates by changing every hour for different subjects and even changing classes in the middle of the year for the semester change; but in SPASH in particular it can be said that it’s not very difficult to make friends because there are many nice and sweet people. It would depend on the person, more social people will have an easier time while less social people won’t.

In the Italian schools it is most easy to make friends internally, that at the beginning of the school year classes are created with a number of about 20/25 pupils in which the pupils are within the whole school day, and teachers rotate in the children’s classrooms. Therefore, always having contact with the same children, it’s easier to make friends and create a group that will have to spend an entire school year together. These are some statements of environments and lifestyles completely different from one’s own being. Reading what there’s write upstairs you can go to be impressed by some enterprising news that everyone does not currently have in his life, I believe that this is precisely the impression and impact that journalism makes.