Is LuluLemon Worth the High School Status?

Brooklyn Pagel a SPASH student wearing all LuluLemon. Picture credit to: Hanah Netys.

Brooklyn Pagel a SPASH student wearing all LuluLemon. Picture credit to: Hanah Netys.

Hanah Netys, Hour 2

All of a sudden you are walking down the SPASH hallways, watching as two, then three, then ten people walk past you dressed in some of the same articles of clothing. This is commonly LuluLemon, “a technical athletic apparel company for yoga, running, training and most other sweaty pursuits.” The Lululemon website states:  It seems that no matter what corner you turn there is always at least one person wearing this logo. For some odd reason you can not help but wonder, Are people buying Lululemon  just to show they are “on brand” or is it the quality that stands out? Well… Amongst the SPASH student body of 2022, The Brand Lululemon is more often bought for the quality of their products not the logo.

Product Quality

The quality of the product affects people’s decision on whether to buy lulu’s product or not. The quality/material of the product plays a big role in whether a customer is willing to purchase an item from Lululemon. 

Many people buy Lululemon because of its high quality. For example Hannah Gagas, a Sophomore attending SPASH high school explains that, ”The clothes are comfortable(like Nike sweats),…very soft material.” In other words this solidifies the fact that the feeling of the clothing weighs in on her decision of purchasing Lululemons clothing. 

On the contrary people don’t buy Lulu because of how similar the clothing is to other brands. To give insight on this topic is a junior at SPASH, Kyra Engebretson. She exclaims, “People could buy leggings or clothing that is the exact same thing somewhere else.” She goes on to explain how people just buy the clothes for the logo, that there are many other less expensive options to buy instead. 

With both of these opinions in mind information was gathered straight from Lululemons website. The site mentioned that their goal as a company is to make products that are easy for anyone to move freely in. Not only that but they mention that the clothing is especially made for not just for gym use… which they claim is a way different concept of fit wear than any other brands. To sum it up, the quality of LuluLemon’s products is a big reason why someone would purchase the clothing. Some people find it basic and average while others find the clothing to be unique. This is commonly why you don’t see just any brand of leggings walking around SPASH, Lulu’s are greatly favored for their amazing feel.

Product Price

Not only does the quality of the clothing take a leading factor in whether or not someone buys Lulu, but even sometimes the price of each item can scare the customer away equally as much.

Some people say that spending money on LuluLemon is a good investment. When Gagas (The Lululemon supporter) was asked the question, Would you still spend the money for the Lululemon clothing regardless of if it had the logo on it or not? She answered with, “Everything at Lulu is worth the penny.”  This just shows that her opinion on the clothing would not change if the logo was no longer visible. She truly feels that their apparel is worth the money.

On the other hand, some people may find the price of the brand not so appealing. When Engebretson(The non-supporter of Lululemon) was asked the same question, she responded with a completely different answer. She instead insists that, “I would rather get 7 pairs of leggings from Target than 1 pair of leggings from lulu for the same price.” So from her point of view the quantity is more important than the quality of the product. 

To further dig into what makes the brand so desirable for some and reluctant for others, I went back to Lululemon’s website to find some answers. The company tells its consumers, ”The price is based on the expensive machines and high quality of fabrics used to make the clothing.” They argue that the reason for the price is due to the hand picked fabrics and highly complicated technology used to make and customize their products.

In the end Price can be a huge leading factor of why someone would choose this brand, but over all the common consensus in SPASH is that it is worth the extra buck.

Product popularity

LuluLemon has discovered a new found fame in the SPASH student hallways. Even those who don’t support the brand are confused! To start off the general public knowledge of the demographic Lulu sets its profile to is women ages 16-35. But Lululemon’s website  also mentions that their products are for other ages as well. With this age group in mind, it is no wonder that high school girls (15-18 years old)  could get upset at the negativity that comes with this company’s new hype.

There are negative views on the sudden fame Lulu has in the SPASH hallways.  Engebretson adds in her two cents first by explaining, “The Hype over Lulu is insane… People are spending triple the amount of money for this brand of clothing.” Her claim of why the hype is so negative circles back to the fact that the brand in her opinion is overpriced. 

To give more incite to whether or not the hype of Lulu’s clothing is worth the status, Gagas then chimes in by telling us all about how the main controversy stems from jealousy. She has had personal experiences with this attitude when comments were made to her like, “Oh another rich kid.” This is one of the main things that continues to make her contemplate whether buying Lululemon is truly worth the hype.

In the end it is your choice whether or not to purchase any of Lulu’s products. After looking through the interviews, there are valid points on both sides of the party having pros and cons about the brand itself. Truth be told, the hype of Lulu in the SPASH is out of this world and is interpreted differently by every student in SPASH.