Diversity of Fashion in SPASH

Keanas Monday fit

Keana’s Monday fit

Jazlyn Cipriano, Hour 1

There are different reasons as to why we wear clothing; protection, identification, comfort, modesty and status. Grazian’s website says “If you’re stuck in a rut, your style will be too. If you’re all over the place, then you’ll be a clothing chameleon.” Claims. Wearing certain clothes expresses how you feel and says a lot about yourself. For SPASH, there is no uniform attire required to present all of ourselves as being one union.

Keana Butterfield, SPASH senior dresses to express herself. Keana  claims when she is feeling lazy she throws on whatever is easiest to come up with. She doesn’t feel obligated to “fit” in with the norms of our school. As well as switching up the style with what she calls “grandma”  clothes”, “I just like changing it up, I don’t like having the  same looks.” -Keana said.      

Cloned Students

According to Britannica there are pros and cons with the rule of uniform clothes at schools. Originally this whole idea of looking the same in public originated from England which was generally limited to private schools as well parochial schools. 

Pros: Cons:
Enhances school pride, unity and community spirit Restrict freedom and expression
Reducing peer pressure and bullying of status and brands of clothing May delay transition to adulthood
Focused on education, and not their clothing Students oppose the uniforms and may get distressed with the discomfort of the clothing.
Saving money on uniforms Does not stop bullying and may increase violent attacks.

The Iconic duo Juniors; Ayla Hurtienne & Bree 

These two women I chose to interview randomly are close best friends. They share clothes, they shop together at GoodWill, flea markets and other thrift stores. Ayla claimed how she felt about her clothing, “It’s just Bree and I in our friend group we share each others clothes sometimes, i feel like everyone’s friends kind of like dress the same, I think people just because what we wear perceive us in a different way, like they make assumptions about us and because other people don’t have the same style. And not even just us like everyone, makes judgments on what your wearing all the time, but we don’t care anymore.” 

At the end of the day we dress how we want and or what we are required to. These are the pros and cons of how uniforms will affect us, luckily we don’t have one. Interviewing different people with different styles opened my eyes to show how lucky we are to express ourselves.