Parking Lot or Prison

Why Are SPASH Students Paying For A Pass They Can’t Use?


A typical sight of most students parking their prized possesions in the student lot. (Image taken by author)

Troy Pallen, Hour 1

On the first day of school this year,  most of the regular lunch crowd that hangs out in the parking lot during lunch was greeted with a verbal warning from  SPASH security. The warning most people heard was, “Mr. Vollendorf does not want people hanging around or in their vehicles during lunch”. This did not sit well with anybody; mainly because we had to pay $50 dollars to park our vehicles in that parking lot.

Just a few people donated their time to speak about this subject. Grady Tuskowski a SPASH Junior, and a very common face in the parking lot said. “I think it’s pretty stupid that we pay to park there but we can’t sit in our vehicles on lunch”. After he was asked “What his opinion was” on the situation. This is probably one of the biggest questions and concerns about the topic. Why can’t we be in the parking lot if we pay for a pass?  Some students bought their vehicles, pay for insurance, and pay for the upkeep. But still. We can’t be around our vehicles at lunch. 

Zach Anderson, another SPASH Junior has more of a concern on safety about this subject. When asked “Is this beneficial to our safety?” Zach exclaimed that “This is a waste of securities time”, and “Who made and enforced this rule?” During the lunch periods you can often find at least one person from security in the parking lot looking for people that aren’t satisfying the school’s rules. The main concern here is; what happens when there’s an incident inside the building and you have two or three SPASH security personnel outside in the parking lot. 

When the Lunch periods start; most people that choose to leave wind up spending their lunch at local parks like Bukolt, or Zenoff. Having these people flood parks affects the public too. Troy Pallen Sr. a salesman and delivery driver for Aramark Uniform services exclaimed that SPASH should  “Go back to the old rules, let the kids hangout. There’s no reason. None. That this should be a rule”. Troy’s delivery route on certain days requires him to be driving around and near SPASH during the lunch periods. The mass amount of people leaving the campus causes delays in Troy’s schedule and even safety concerns with the newer less experienced drivers leaving SPASH and not paying attention.

The fact of the matter here is that we have questions that are not getting answered. We the people of SPASH have many questions like. Is it going to be like this all year? Are we going to be refunded our parking passes? Are we going to have to pay for passes next year? What does the future of traditional SPASH freedoms look like for us and upcoming SPASH students? We the people of SPASH want answers, and we want them now.