Crooked Time

Dulce Banda

When Time isn’t enough…

Time …

Sleepless nights ..

Wandering in the darkness…

Clock ticking .

Running late is specialty.. 

Time Ticking..

Walking through faded hallways ..

Walking to yourself feels like eternity ..

Going up and down full hallways feels like walking into the winter night.. 

Slowly wandering to the abyss ..

Always so much time but no time at all ..

Tick tock is all i hear ..

Sitting in a chair staring at nothing but the lonely painting on the wall. 

Feels like eternity ..

Ask .

How does it feel to be walking on a ticking clock?

Ready to go off any moment ..

Where is time when we want it ..

Looking at pages , can you complete?

Seasons passing like a baby turtle learning how to walk..

Running .. 

Wasting wanting time ..

Running past the dead leaf’s that will disappear into nothing.

Catching your breath that is distant . 

The moon slowly moving .

But on earth time is fast .

Cars passing fast . 

Some slow . 

Where is Time when we need it ?

The candle slowly burned away . 

Why does time make everything vanish ?

Looking at a ceiling disintegrating slowly .

Vanish .

Disappear ..

What to do ?

Time Ticking ..

Tick-Tock ..