Nutty Putty One Tragic Mistake

John Jones Stuck Upside down

John Jones Stuck Upside down

Dulce Banda

It’s extremely important to know the dangers of going into a cave. You might never come out.

The day before Thanksgiving

John Jones, a 26-year old, became trapped upside down in a tight spot in a Utah cave for more than two days. Jones got lodged in a cave known as Nutty Putty while spelunking with a group in the Goshen Valley.

The way he was wedged was causing circulation problems. Jones was wedged in a narrow part of the cave called “Bob’s Push” “Jones, a medical student at the University of Virginia, he was with a group of 11 people who went  into the narrow entrance to the cave, which is a hole on top of a hill . He got stuck 700 feet into the cave and is now about 150 feet underground, said a police officer that was there during the rescue”.

“The group split into two groups with many children and some adults staying behind in the less treacherous “big slide” area while some others went looking for an adventure in the more advanced parts of the cave, said 23 year old “ Josh Jones”, his brother who was with the group and he told the story about how his brother wanted to be more adventures”.

John Jones Plague that covers Nutty Putty’s entrance

His brother, Josh Jones, left his brother there and went to go get help after waiting the rescue teams came a lot of them couldn’t figure out how to get Jones out because how deep he was and 2 days started going by and John Jones started dying slowly because his blood started going to his heart and lungs being forward for so long. Now it was to see who could recover “John Jones” body but no one ever could so they closed it down and closed the entrance of the Nutty Putty cave forever sealing it with cement and placing a plague saying “Jones” lies here because it was considered a grave site. 

There was a movie called “The Last Descent” based on what Jones went through the 2 days he was trapped in that tight whole.

I asked Taigan Anderson,“`A student at SPASH . If she would go spelunking. She said,““`I would definitely go spelunking, with the right training, research, and gear of course.““`

So it wouldn’t be dangerous if you learned more about it before going into a cave as the Nutty Putty.

The Importance of this story is that teenagers/adults sometimes don’t think about the consequences of what could happen if you make one wrong move or you do something just to be silly , that there’s always dangers everywhere.