Are video games good or bad?

Are video games good or bad?

Llarandi Cantoral-Paz

Video games are not good or bad for kids like parents think. It just depends on the parents to give them time limits on the video game and make sure they are doing good.

Margaret Buckler, student contributor to Newsela said, “Scientists have linked gaming with better brain power and making better decisions.” Studies show that video game addiction is connected with depression and substance abuse. Not all the games are bad for you. Some gamers learn new things from playing games. You stop being active and stop learning new things.

Instead of going outside and playing sports, kids are sitting inside playing sports connected to a screen. Many people think that video games can cause mental health problems. My brother said, “ it helps  you mentally and physically.” To get your mind off things  it’s good to take your mind out of something  and video games are one of them. But you always learn new things in games too. 

 My mom says, “No, because in some games you can talk to others but it  depends on who you’re talking to  if  you don’t know them you have to be careful.” Many people don’t know how it helped  a lot of people that don’t know how to communication or want to start communicating.

According to the Chicago Tribune in Newsela, “ Long hours of video-game playing might not be so bad …  Simone Kuhn is a scientist in Germany. She found that gamers’ brains grow stronger in some ways.  Noah has autism. It affects his social skills.” Then Noah started opening up more. Some people think you can forget how to communicate  with others but others think it helps even better by talking to your friends online. The studies do not compare gaming with other activities. Learning a new language may be better for the brain than gaming, he said. Learning a musical instrument could be too. Not all games are bad for kids or good, it just depends on who is playing it. 

Video games are  good for learning and having fun.