The One and Only – Mr. Castleberg

This is an example of one of the Inspirational
 quotes that Mr. Castleberg has put up in class.
This goes to show that he cares about us
 students more than just how we are doing in class.

This is an example of one of the Inspirational quotes that Mr. Castleberg has put up in class. This goes to show that he cares about us students more than just how we are doing in class.

Aidan Hardina

Students having good rapport with their teacher is vital to their educational success. Mr. Castleberg is a well-respected teacher at SPASH who tries his best to build strong relationships with his students. Because of the rapport he has with students, Mr. Castleberg is a SPASH favorite.

Prior to becoming a SPASH favorite

Mr. Castleberg has always wanted a career where he is helping others. When asked if he always wanted to be a teacher, he replied, “I never even came to the conclusion that I wanted to teach until I was in my sophomore year of college.” He originally was going to college to become a psychologist. However, after graduating from UWSP with a major in broadfield social science, he accepted a job at BMO. Castleberg worked in the management department. His main role was dealing with the performance of personnel at the bank. However, he also dealt with customers who needed to open accounts and get financial advice. After years at the bank, an opportunity arose for a career change. His wife let him know about an opening for a personal finance teacher at SPASH.

The teaching position was a good fit since he knows how to help students and sees the importance of the content. Castleberg stated, “One of the things that is similar to my old job is that I can help people change their financial trajectory… I liked that I was able to catch people before they made all the bad mistakes, and you could advise them on how to do things in a manner that they wouldn’t get into financial trouble.” He wishes he had the opportunity in high school to take the class, and therefore sees the importance of teaching the content to his students. He believes it sets you up for your adult life. Just like when he was in the banking industry, he finds it rewarding to hear how his advice has helped people.  

This is Mr.Castleberg and his wife after they were voted homecoming Ma and Pa
which shows how influential he is to students besides the ones that he has in class.
(Credit to Mr.Castleberg)

The key to student relationships

Mr. Castleberg has gained a tremendous amount of respect from his students. When interviewed about what it’s like to ask questions in class compared to other teachers, SPASH student Ben Fonti stated, “ I think I have been able to connect with him the most because he never makes it seem like it’s bad that I’m asking him a question.” He is known as a very patient person. Castleberg stated, “There are times when I am a little too patient with students because in my mind, I would always rather deal with something problematic in the classroom than to send them down to the office and have them get into trouble.” This way he is able to work with the student and build the relationship. He understands it can be problematic however because the disruptions can take away from other students’ learning. Castleberg also understands that the students’ world is much different than when he was that age. He can see the benefits of learning from his students. If you want to be able to understand where somebody is coming from, you need to find out what things they like, similar to trying to find out things about a friend.

He has been helpful with providing advice to students on possible career paths. 

Some students have experienced Mr. Castleberg’s passion to help all students. Logan Clubb, SPASH junior, stated, “He helped me with thinking of a career that suits my interests in the finance world. This meant a lot to me because I have never had a teacher to help me think about what I want to do in the future. He actually said that if I still want to be an account manager after high school, he knows a local business that he would be able to set me up with.” This is just one example of Castleberg going above and beyond what some teachers would do for their students. Another SPASH student has also experienced Mr. Castlebergs generosity 

Mr. Castleberg is knowledgeable with finance but more importantly making connections with SPASH students. He helps them learn information that will prepare them for a successful future after high school no matter what career they go into. Castleberg goes out of his way to make connections with all students, not just the ones in his classroom.