Vaping- grabbing ahold of teens in high school?

Dylan Nagorski

Visual example of what vaping is

Are you protected from the new “vaping” trend, the answer is no. Vaping is inhaling vapor that acts as an electronic cigarette ( E-cig). There are multiple different companies that produce all different types of vapes with some having higher volts than others. Vaping was invented to help the users get the nicotine buzz from it and find a sense of ease. Vaping is heavily marketed to  teenagers who  are using it for fun with their friends. Many individuals are not educated on the topic so with giving them information, they have the opportunity to better their health and the quicker we do that the better. 

Vaping is a becoming worldwide in high schools

Vaping is a growing problem in today’s economy. Increase in vaping at SPASH over the years is an effect due to growth of  tobacco businesses thriving.  

About 90% (16) of people surveyed in 1st hour journalism think that vaping is a problem in our school. About 16 students that are in Journalism first hour at SPASH believe that vaping is an ongoing problem in our community. Most students in the class know what it is and why it’s a problem.

The Federal government is not ignoring this problem either. “The federal government also plans to ban [vaping companies]sale nationwide,” Medically reviewed by Melinda Ratini,  who runs a business medically reviewing articles that deal with health. The government eventually is going to stop vaping sales nationwide. This  will cause a lot of people to stop vaping or it will make it harder to get. 

Even the SPASH assistant principal thinks that vaping is a problem. “Personally I do believe there is an issue with Vaping in high Schools in general, ” Assistant principal at SPASH Chris Haka. High schools are vulnerable to vaping. The dangers are not talked about enough to the younger kids.

Why vaping is bad for you and why people do it 

Vaping does not have many benefits to you. But there are lots of dangers and many reasons why it is dangerous.  Mr. Haka also believes that vaping is a problem for younger people. “I also believe that most of the products are marketed towards teens with different flavors,” says Assistant principal Chris Haka. Since products have multiple different candy-like flavors and names, younger people are bound to hear about the flavors and would want to try it out which leads to buying the product over and over. 

There are multiple different ways that younger people can be susceptible to vaping, one is the flavors.. “these flavorings can cause DNA damage or kill cells that line your blood vessels,”Medically reviewed by Melinda Ratini. Teens are attracted to the various flavors that are offered. What they do not know is that they can cause damage to your DNA or could possibly kill cells that line our blood vessels which is very harmful to your health.

“ I believe one of the main reasons students vape is peer pressure or just simply trying to fit in. I also believe that most of the products are marketed towards teens with different flavors etc. I also believe there is a lack of education out there, “Assistant principal Chris Haka. Since vaping is becoming so popular, more students are beginning to vape. They can start to try and fit in or just want to find a stress reliever. 

The lack of education is a big factor because if those students being peer pressured knew, they could have a reason not to start by simply saying no

How to solve the problem

With vaping being a growing problem in our economy, it is good to start thinking of ways to solve this problem. 

Using a vape for the first time can lead to a dark road of nicotine addiction. “Abstinence. I do not believe there is a healthy alternative to vaping other than to not do it!” Chris Haka  . The best way to stay away from vaping is to not vape. Vaping is damaging your body and it is best to not do it.

It must be a problem for  younger people because it is heavily marked towards them.  “Other than the students I have dealt with over the past year and a half, I do not know anyone who vapes,” says Assistant principal Chris Haka. It is mostly young people that are vaping. Since older people know the risks, they find a different alternative or remain abstinent. 

About 16 people in 1st hour journalism  surveyed that vaping is a problem in our area. That is 90% of the class, if we assume that most classes would answer the same then this problem can not be ignored. Vaping 

The answer        

To conclude, vaping is risky and not worth the risk. If you were to get caught vaping at school, you could get suspended and your parents could get notified. Also, all it is doing is damaging your body. Vaping is hurting our youth and if this problem does not get solved soon it will only get worse.