Should we still keep Google running as our daily search engine?

Yue Pheng Thao

There are many consequences for internet users going to unknown sources. For example, people search randomly on Google to find what they want to find, then later after that it would just keep going on until they reach something off  topic that is very eye-catching.

Even with an Alternatives search engine would it still satisfy other people’s concerns?

The community relations with Google comes into business corruption. Other search engine companies hope to summarize others’ search results, and other sources that could lure any searchers in. Such as a browsing system known as “Incognito” mode, or simply termed Private mode, as they hope something like this would be enough to satisfy them. Incognito mode isn’t really much of a change, besides it doesn’t collect data from any browser. However. That doesn’t mean your sources are pretty much deleted. The site still may have tracks that you have been on there. Though unfortunately it is not one hundred percent secure, most activities could still be tracked down by website sources.

Been first place for too long or jealousy?

“Google dominated searches for over 23 years out of search market shares it was nearly 90 percent used,”  according to Heather Kelly, a Technology reporter, working as writer and an editor. While Google dominates the market share, every search engine will try to find the weak point over Google.

Bing is the second most used search engine with 6 percent and Yahoo comes in 3 percent of the searches. 

Plans to weaken to  Google don’t seem like it is going to be that simple unless they want to try shutting or suing the company, making them worried about privacy uses. The issue is Google is the default setting as it would always be the most popular search engine until other search engines would find how to innovate their customers.

Google custom charges over on high tech devices which makes it very difficult to switch, With easy notice with Google accustomed presented searches.  

With this result an alternative search engine may have to compete against Google, defining with information and tactics to get Google getting too popular in the future, bettering with their features and more search results from others who are welcoming to shares though. 

Should Teachers be cautious about these search engines?

Safiya Noble, a researcher on search engines and racism, found when searching Google, that “black girls” had unfavorable results. A woman that started doing research on one of the books in 2011 which indicated In the research of “Black Girls”. Instead it indicated something that wasn’t what was going to be expected.  “Note these side effects weren’t by accident as they were actually programmed in the Google search engine which prefers the human bias of algorithms,” Safiya Noble an college professor and journalist. Brings out the most top views result; that people in the internet mainly searched up that indicate the unknown answer about anything and mainly results that bring biased topics into deceiving people memories over for many different answers. For the causes of why this happening could mostly be the hate trends because of something or someone of a different racial aspects.

Structural Bias of Google 

“I always find Google’s own profits are dealing off with the uses of people who have access to the internet, finding use of their most top hit search gathering attention.” quoted Noble, concluding argumentative results that lets in protest, words of discrimnation & racial aspects or mostly sexuallity contents, that drives people’s attentions into these advertisements,

Google is profit driven, taking advantage of Internet/Google users. Surely to say if they just ask informational questions it would suit the person more fit of uses. 

Are Teachers and Students trusting… relying on Google search results?

Most Teachers have experienced stunning moments.As for an example one of the students searched “University Professor” In return it was mostly a group of white mens instead that was their results. In my own opinion “Which kinda criticises & surprised me, Most of my sources I have done were from Google’s results during the past year’s in elementary schools.”

With lots of sharing Google information, that participates with remaining biased results, that describe only the interesting attentions, that would always try giving an ending that doesn’t deal with always a correct answer. 

Many European countries have had conflict with Google for almost a decade since when this project was released.

Many Europeans officials directly fined Google over 10 billion dollars over antitrust.

Whiles with issues over Google tech’s how it operates many E.U. or known European Union, considered it very not trustful. With operations that take even skilled trustworthy Google tries to find evidence inside to find these if their governmental info was leaked from which they feared. 

 E.U. were against antitrust with Google, which causes many major issues with the head states attorney general of these bring many debates for almost a decade long. Issues were Giant tech’s such as Google has caused problems to many European officials who were very suspicious with hidden evidence taken away from high level politics given google more info’s, undoubtedly doesn’t really concern much within Google cause of it big industries that misrepresent with concern only about their own consideration of there proposal, indicated finding ways to make sure they won’t connect, and while their budget increasing. 

Many of the E.U. wanted to sue Google that brings huge conflict against their own Giant tech (Digital Market Act) on Google. Many E.U. commissions provides necessary support Wednesday Ruling, “Provides the necessary legal clarity for the market,stated Perry Stein and Cat Zakrzewski, regard these professors as writers of the Washington post. [Zakrzewski is an antitrust writer Who specializes in describing factors about mostly conflicts.

Judgments of these statements which have a huge concern for its own nations from getting knowledge information from Google. First, many citizens within European countries don’t want to be bothered with other countries’ political news.Second, From E.U. Officials have to do with the legal evidentials sources, which may be the reason which provoked many Officials, raise antitrust.

From what had provoked these people thinking they were unsafe to use?

With only a little evidence from writers and mostly people who don’t really trust the search engines some may still even use it, The causes? Rarely just because of privacy usage and antitrust or mostly unacknowledged sources and so internet Virus. 

My thoughts on Internet users’ issues with Google…

Rebelling part of my thoughts, my goal of this article is not about the positive and negative about Google, My goal was to see other people’s open opinions on Google, what they think about this search engine and knowing what the causes and effects are on people’s thoughts. 

Though knowing that Almost everyone In this school building uses Google everyday because of our devices, given by the School District as it seems to trust Google network search engine as it seems more advanced on protecting users & discouraging…For someone who is very lazy and messes around on the chromebook like me because of boredom, which could causes me into inactive during learning period.