All About K-Pop!

All About K-Pop!

Mai Moua Vue

What does K-pop stand for? It is Korean popular music from South Korea. When listening to K-pop music; it sounds like Korean with English words and more pop and rap to go well with the songs and some of the songs are happy. Here is one example of English mixed together with Korean lyrics. “Christmas EveL,” by Stray Kids sing, “ Oneureun teukbyeolhan nal geu nugudo humchil su eopseo Geurimjadeuri nal deopchyeo Let me sing a Christmas song.” The lyrics tell us that it is a special day for them and no one goes to steal from them. Shadows have taken over them; but it is still a Christmas song. Many people around the world come to Korea because they want to be a K-pop star, too, even though they are different from each other. Here are some examples of it. Sana Minatozaki, a 24 year old Japanese woman , is in the K-pop girl group Twice. Second example; Jackson Wang, a  27 year old Chinese man, is in the K-pop boy group GOT7. Many people like K-pop for their music and performance. In my opinion, K-pop is like a star that shines on the stage. 

Idol’s performances on stage for their fans. 

Performances are important to K-pop just like their music. According to CedarBough T.Saeji, a professor at Pusan National University, in her article “K-Pop” on the website Pop Culture Universe: Icons, Idols, Ideas. ¨Highly skilled teams of producers, directors, videographers, photographers, song-writers, audio technicians, choreographers, costume designers, and stylists create Kpop.”  In other words, this quote means that they are important people to the K-pop world because they are the ones who make music videos,dance,songs and outfits for them to show their fans when they perform.

 Their stylist picks their outfits. Idols wear different kinds of outfits while on stage and not on stage. Idols wear cute, sexy and handsome outfits that make them stand out and look cool when they dance and sing the song on the stage. Before the stage starts, they practice their songs and wear workout outfits. So when K-pop idols perform on stage they wear different outfits to show their charm. Fans shout loudly to cheer them on. The fans were looking forward to K-pop as they sang the song, danced, and their outfits. 

According to CedarBough T.Saeji, a professor at Pusan National University, in her article “K-Pop” on the website Pop Culture Universe: Icons, Idols, Ideas. K-pop elements come together in live performances,…weekly television shows that feature top acts performing their recently released songs (these are called “comebacks” because the group is coming back to perform after not releasing a song for a few months).” Therefore, K-pop works together as a team and practices hard for their fans because they know that their fans miss them so much. They  have a new song and dance to show for their fans on the stage.

Student’s Responses! 

K-pop is growing in popularity.  The K-pop group that scores the 1st No.1 album in the U.S is BTS and the album was “ Love Yourself: Tear.” Here are some of the questions from the survey and answers from students. The first question is do they listen to K-pop? As a result of the survey; 86.7% anwered no and 13.3% answered yes. The second question is what type of music they listen to if they don’t know K-pop?  As a result of the survey; the students who answer that question as no and don’t listen to K-pop. They listen to rap/pop from now and also in the 60-80s rap/pop and generally country such as folk music. The third question is what their favorite K-pop group is? As a result of the survey; 6.7% said Stray Kids and 13.3% said BTS. 

What are BTS songs about? 

BTS has powerful and cheerful songs but behind the songs are messages.  Here are three songs that are about love and falling in love between a girl and boy. The first song is BTS: “Boy with luv.” The lyrics and the dance are very powerful. Some of the lyrics are “ Since I got to know you, ya, my whole life is you ya.” The song is about a boy who falls in love with a girl and asks her out by writing a letter or giving her a rose. Telling her that he loves her and wants to be her boyfriend in high school.  In other words, my opinion of the boy with the luv song; it made me feel jealous because of the way the boy gives the girl anything likey roses and writes a letter; when they are still in high school

The second song is BTS: “Dna.” The lyrics and the dance are powerful.  The lyrics are “Probaby in our past life and in our next lives we’ll be together forever.” The song is about a lively love of youth. They will always stay together and be together until they die or rebirth in their next lives. In other words, my opinion of the DNA song; it made me cry because their love will be together forever, they will be together in their second lives and even they are grandma and grandpa with grandkids. 

 The third song is BTS: “Butter.” The lyrics are “ Oh when I look in the mirror I’ll melt your heart into two I got that superstar glow so… Ooh.” The boys are handsome and charming and can make  girls fall in love so easily. In other words, my opinion of the Butter song; it is true because boys can be handsome and cute but the only thing that girls find in boys is to be yourself. 

In conclusion, students and teachers can learn more about K-pop and it can be fun and active. They might also become fans of K-pop too. K-pop music can help if someone wants  to speak Korean, too.