How Far Climate Change Has Gotten In 2021?

Dulce Banda

Planting to help the Environment.
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Climate Change needs to be a bigger topic out there, more harmful to us  

“Climate Change is not an either/or condition , how severe the problem is depends upon at what point we are able to stop how much carbon gets in the atmosphere,”said Brad Mapes Martin, Associate Professor of Political Science. “There’s already drastic things happening to earth right now because of climate change like oceans getting more acidic, snow and ice cover is increasing, seasons getting longer, droughts , severe hurricanes where there weren’t any before,” this informations I got from a article that talked about big facts on Climate Change .

 If the government doesn’t begin to attempt to prevent the most extreme consequences of climate change, this will be far beyond human control and above the climate that humans evolved to live within, this may provoke military conflict because rapid change will stress agriculture and political systems, said Brad Mapes Martin, Associate Professor of Political Science. Brad Mapes Martin , Associate Professor of Political Science about Climate Change which answered many questions I had about the topic. One Question was: “How is climate change affecting our farms and our food ?” He answered with: At present, the primary impact of climate change on agriculture is increasingly variable weather. Farmers are dealing with more frequent and more drastic changes in weather patterns. As the climate changes, we should expect more drastic swings between extreme types of weather. For example, a prolonged drought may be followed by brief but extreme rains and flooding only to return to drought conditions again. Such changes will disrupt crops that cannot survive above or below certain temperatures. Which describes what Climate Change is doing to our agriculture, how long will this last ? 

Climate Change isn’t something we should brush off, it can cause severe changes 

Which will cause problems to us humans. Climate Change will keep rising over these 100 years or so , causes like this will cause earth’s normal temperature to get unsteady or even fall. 

Things we can do to overcome Climate Change.

Many people are cutting back on greenhouse gases, this includes using energy more efficiently and using more clean energy. Like the sun,wind,and water are sources of clean energy.You can do something by using less water and energy. Turn lights off when not using them and TV. Help by planting trees which can absorb Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere.

SPASH students can help by drawing posters and hanging them around the wall at school talking about climate change , using less water and energy. Students should learn more about it.