WRA like it… or don’t

Sam Wagner

Do you like being in the outdoors? Maybe the Wisconsin River Academy (WRA) is for you. WRA is a three hour long class running from 5b to 7th hour, has its own bell schedule, and covers social studies, science, and physical education. Those who like the outdoors, are physically active, and are independent should sign up for WRA for their junior or senior year. If you like being in the outdoors and haven’t quite figured out what you like about it I suggest trying WRA.

To be an outdoorsy person doesn’t mean you like the outdoors. Liking the outdoors mean you put the time and effort into making time to go outside and like Mr. Marnocha (one of the teachers of WRA) says “Having a love for the outdoors is also a key element in WRA since we spend so much time outside for class.” So you can’t just be an outdoorsy person, which by definition is of, associated with, or fond of the outdoors, you have to have a love of the outdoors. Katrina Cisewski (Former participant of WRA) says “We’re mainly outside, being outside 2-3 days a week.”

Mr. Marnocha says a few things to look forward to “We canoe, kayak, bike, hike, water test, cross country ski, snowshoe, high ropes course, orienteering, Portage County history, diversity unit, invasive species clean up, water testing, forestry, limnology, ice fishing, open water fishing, shooting sports (trap, skeet, sporting), survival, and more.” ost of these things are very physically straining so it would be a good thing if you were physically active before signing up for WRA. Another aspect of WRA is to be Independent and Mr. Marnocha says “It takes a special student who is organized, responsible, and self motivated.” But the WRA School Board Presentation states that “WRA has unique opportunities to enforce real life skills” which include Working with others, Leadership, Problem Solving, and Independence. So you not only have to have some Independence before signing up but you will also be taught how to use that independence in the real world. 

Now, WRA doesn’t necessarily cover everything that every student that takes the class wants, but there are other classes that do, just like Katrina Cisewski says “Adventure leadership has camping, and I was hoping WRA would too.” But like Mr. Marnocha says “WRA is not a class for everyone,” so even if you don’t want to do something or you wish something else would happen you could still try it and maybe you’ll have fun. 

WRA is mainly outside which means the people that sign up for it should like the outdoors not being afraid to get a little dirt on their shoes, they need to be able to work by themselves as well as with others, and be physically active because WRA does a lot of straining activities such as kayaking, biking, and hiking