Brenda’s Cookies

Liam O’Keefe

Everyone in SPASH has gone to a la carte during passing time to get one of Brenda’s “famous” cookies. The delicious flavor of the cookies makes everyones school day better. Recently Brenda’s cookies have taken on a new shape. The school bought cookies from a different manufacturer resulting in disappointment from the student body. 

 A common misconception surrounding Brenda’s cookies is that she is the one who makes the cookies. Brenda when asked if she makes the “famous” cookies, she replied with “no”. She then exclaimed that the baker makes the cookies and that she has no actual involvement with the process of making them

Brenda’s cookies are very popular around SPASH. So popular in fact that they are the best selling item in a la carte with muffins second, and breakfast sandwiches in third. When asking seniors at SPASH Kenzie Mayer, and Hannah Purkapile how many cookies do you think are sold everyday they answered an average of three hundred to five hundred cookies. Brenda when asked said she would say around four hundred cookies are sold everyday. 

Brenda’s Cookies are not only popular but also profitable. With an average of four hundred cookies sold everyday. Fifty cents a cookie will equate to two hundred dollars a day which is one thousand dollars a week. Since a little before mid quarter the cookies were changed with a new recipe. The new cookies are not liked by the student body as much as the old recipe. When asking Brenda if her cookie sales have taken a hit since. She said “since the recipe has changed sales have decreased dramatically.” She said she is now selling around 150 chocolate chip cookies a day compared to before at 400 a day. 

When asking Kenzie Mayer if she liked the new cookies she answered with “no, they don’t taste the same.” Hannah Purkapile agreed with Kenzie Mayer with “no, they do not taste as good”. They exclaimed that they both preferred the old cookies rather than the new ones. In order to bring the joy of Brenda’s chocolate chip cookies back to SPASH they should continue to order the original kind.