Effects of climate change

Jakob Glodowski

There is a major problem going on in the world with global warming. For the past 40 years the temperature has increased .32 degrees fahrenheit every decade.

 The main driver of climate change is greenhouse gasses .This is caused by emissions from everyday life and burning of fossil fuels. The most common fossil fuels used in everyday life are methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide

Global warming can even cause damage to the environment and people. Some of the damages that occur for humans are increased risks of diseases and cardiovascular disease according to the European Commision. Eventually this could cause harm to the drinking water and living species on earth which would cause things to rise extreme in price.

There are many different ways people can help solve or even slow down the problem. SPASH students could help by spreading the word to others so people know some of the effects on climate change. Some of the many different solutions are to power houses with renewable energy and drive electric cars. “Change only happens when individuals take action” says Aliya Haq of MGH Health Institute. So, it’s gonna take people to take action to be able to help solve this problem.

This is a big part of everyones future and it takes people to help change this problem for future generations. You could take action by doing some of the steps stated in the article such as powering houses with renewable energy and driving eco friendly cars. There are many ways to end climate change people just need to take the proper steps