Is Wisconsin Going to Be the Next State to Legalize Marijuana?

Fo Koua Moua

Governor Tony Evers wanted the state of Wisconsin to legalize marijuana for recreational use and medical purposes. However, the Republicans oppose both medical and recreational use of cannabis. Marijuana is a drug that can help people relieve pain symptoms, but also for pleasure. Cannabis is very expensive and hard to find in some states and in some states cannabis can be bought without being charged.

Lessening pain

According to Governor Evers,  “As a cancer survivor, I know the side effects of a major illness can make everyday tasks a challenge.” In fact, an anonymous person that was interviewed has multiple sclerosis and according to the Mayo Clinic, this could benefits the people affected by MS(Multiple Sclerosis), Ehlers-Danlo Syndrome, Cancer, PTSD, Alzheimer’s disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s disease, Epilepsy and seizures, Glaucoma, severe chronic pain, and severe nausea.

Legalizing medical marijuana is a popular idea.

Therefore, Gov. Evers believes it is time for Wisconsin to join more than 30 other states legalizing medical marijuana. Last year, nearly one million voters in 16 counties and two cities in Wisconsin voted to approve for medical or recreational use. 

An anonymous person said, “I agree with allowing the use of medical maijuana because it is a non addictive treatment that relieves pain”. Voters in two cities in Wisconsin have symptoms and they needed it for pain relief. 

According to, Wisconsin current law prohibits a person from manufacturing, distributing marijuana. “The bill creates a medical use defense to marijuana-related trials for any person who is registered with the Department of Health Services with specified debilitating conditions “. In other words, if the state of Wisconsin allows recreational and medical marijuana, then the current law will be removed from the legislature and add a new law of manufacturing medical marijuana in Wisconsin. stated “Under the bill, DHS must establish a medical cannabis registry, and a person may apply to DHS for a registry identification card. The bill specifies that the following medical conditions or treatments qualify a person for the registry: cancer, glaucoma, AIDS or HIV, Crohn’s disease, a hepatitis C virus infection…” It means those who are qualified with these underlying diseases can go to the Department of Homeland Security to register an ID to use medical marijuana.

The Republicans are still deciding if the state of Wisconsin should have medical marijuana and recreational use.  A Wisconsin State Democrat, Senator Melissa Agard and Gov. Ever argue that “Regulating and taxing marijuana like the state does with alcohol, Wisconsin could bring in an estimated $165 million per year”. The Republican of Wisconsin Devin Lemahieu says “Legalizing marijuana for medical reasons should be left to the federal government”. Rep. Lemahieu also said, “I think that discussion needs to be done at the federal level and not have some rogue state doing it without actual science behind it”. Though the Republican still won’t agree with legalizing marijuana and should be discussed on a federal level and democrats don’t have 17 votes in the caucus but the Democrat still wants to legalize marijuana. Some of the Republicans agree on medical marijuana and it’s possible it could get through the legislature.