Neuralink a New Age ?

Marcus Hanneman

This is a picture representing the brain and linking it to bluetooth
Picture Via Threat post

A small device the size of a large coin that can solve paralysis, blindness, solve drug addiction, also help with anxiety and depression. Well this is a real device and it is made by Elon Musk. This groundbreaking technology is managed In San Francisco, the company named Neuralink was founded in 2016. Neuralink shoots to solve many health problems as well as use this device to do things such as play games.

Neuralink can solve many conditions in the future when it is readily available. According to the article  “Neuralink In Brain, Brain With A USB Port In It” “[Neuralink can help with] conditions like Anxiety, Depression (which is a serious matter in need of proper consultancy) Addiction to drugs, cure paralysis, and mental illness, cure blindness etc.” These amazing things that the Neuralink device can do will play a huge role in helping people be the happiest they can be along with the healthiest they can be because of all that this technology can do. Ceo Elon Musk also says “Our goal is to solve important brain and spine problems, and over time almost everyone will get some type of neurological problem.” This provides an example of how widespread these problems are and how many people this technology can help. It may even help you later in your life.

This device is small and compact (The size of a large coin), there are also so many wires that are connected to this device that help it operate. According to the article  Neuralink In Brain ,Brain With A USB Port In It.“Described by Musk himself as ‘fitted into your brain with microscopic wires which are tiny than a single strand of human hair a FITBIT in your skull’.” The  size of the wires are just amazing. They are so small and compact and the wires are so thin when they attach to the brain they don’t even bleed. How small the device is is also amazing with it coming in at  the size of a large coin. It is crazy how we can fit that much technology into a little coin sized object.

 You can play video games in your head. This is something that you may be able to do in the future, whether you are at home or at the grocery store you can play video games. According to CEO Elon Musk “This product will allow people with it to play videogames”,” this allows for it to be more than just something that solves a problem; it is also meant to bring you some joy. This will help bring light to sad times in the future because you can play games wherever you want to.

There are many challenges that companies may face but one of the biggest challenges that may keep a company from being the best it could be is competition. According to the article  Neuralink In Brain ,Brain With A USB Port In It.“Neuralink is not the only company venturing into the realm of brain-computer interfaces. An Austin-based company called Paradromics—funded by the U.S. government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency—is also developing one potentially capable of recording signals from tens of thousands of neurons.” It’s interesting that one Company has the backing of the US government and one has a high level entrepreneur and one of the richest people in the world. This should  be an interesting rush to be the first to get these implants ready for humans.

There are many problems that we face today and many of those health problems can be fixed with this in the future. But right now they are not ready for the mass public. These small but effective devices will be accessible and cheap enough for everyone to have one day. But for now we will have to deal with the normal brains that we all have.