Restaurant Review: McDonald’s – The Biggest name in the Fast Food Industry

Oliver Groeschke

The Big Mac™ is McDonald’s signature sandwich.

If you live in this country, you’ve probably had the world-famous fries from McDonald’s and you obviously loved it.  McDonald’s is the world’s largest, richest, and best food restaurant chain. The company has more than 38 thousand stores in more than one hundred countries worldwide.

It’s the tasty food and affordable price that keeps people coming back to them all the time. McDonald’s fries are the most popular item on the menu. According to, the company sells at least 9 million pounds of fries around the world in just a single day. Since these fries come with every meal after breakfast time, they are constantly being cooked in the kitchen. So you can always expect your fries to be fresh out of the fryer when you order them.

Here in the United States, the next most popular item after the fries is the Big Mac. It’s the sandwich with two patties and three buns which you have probably seen in the ads. According to the students I interviewed, the first thing they think of when they hear the name McDonald’s is the Big Mac. They like the Big Mac because it is tall, and the sauce is really tasty. The Big Mac has been on the menu since 1967. It comes with the special “Mac Sauce,” which is something you can’t find on any item in the menu besides the Big Mac. However, you can customize your sandwich in whatever way you want and add it to anything.

McDonald’s gives a lot of importance to the cleanliness of the food they make. The employees do food safety procedures every day. They make sure that the temperature of the food, as well as the kitchen equipment like the grills, ovens, and oil are always perfect. There is never any cross contamination between foods that aren’t supposed to be together, and that everything is cleaned up and sanitized before the next day starts.

McDonald’s ensures that both their employees and customers are as safe as possible from the virus. Because of the pandemic, McDonald’s in my town is only accessible through the drive-thru. Their employees are required to wear masks and are following procedures for Covid-19 while inside the store. They are also taught how to properly hand out food and cash without making contact with the customers. If you don’t have a car, you can still walk through the McDonald’s drive-thru and stay in line with the cars.

Every time you buy something from McDonald’s, you can give your feedback about the food that you ordered through a short survey. When you complete it, they will offer you a code for a free Quarter Pounder with Cheese that you can claim the next time you visit. McDonald’s values their customers’ opinions about their experience so each store will have ideas on how they can make their customers feel more satisfied since they will definitely come back again soon.

So what are you waiting for? Stop by your local McDonald’s branch anytime and get yourself some Big Macs, or ask your dad to buy some for you on his way home.