Do Teens Really “Need” These Things?

Luke Kratzke

Teens are always told they should get certain things, or they want to get something because other people have it. Does getting things because other people want you to even make sense? also, should you ever want something because other people have it?

Unfortunately teens have been wasting their money because they buy things to fit in. They could have way more money if they stopped buying things others tell them to and if their parents asked them what they wanted before getting them things that they do not use.

I have heard by people from older generations such as my parents that teens do not need phones. Unlike popular belief from people that grew up without phones teens use then and are sometimes required to daily. All four of the people that I interviewed for this article said that they use their phones every day, Deshay Anderson said “I use it every day because it is practical”.

Throughout my interviews I learned that the most common waste of money and things that are not used are things purchased by other people and given to them. Things that people buy themselves seem to be more used and valuable to them. A few people that I talked to said that they could not think of their biggest waste of money because they really only buy the things that they like.

After doing my interview I realized that things that teens are told that they should have are usually things that they do not need. If they do not need them then why are they always told they should have them?

It is surprising that most things teens use often they need or use for fun but many things they do not need were gifts and things bought for them by other people.