Different Thanksgiving 2020

Katalyna Vang

How do people feel about Thanksgiving differently this year? This is the first time we have to stay home and separate from  family and friends on Thanksgiving. It is too risky to spread the virus to family and friends, ¨Experts say no need to cancel Thanksgiving, but play it safe this pandemic year ,” states the  Associated Press and Newsela staff. This article shows that people should not cancel Thanksgiving and looks at how two people do Thanksgiving from  their point of view. Thanksgiving is important for all people to celebrate with family and friends. Thanksgiving is different this year and people have been cautious about the coronavirus. 

First, what is a good idea to do Thanksgiving at home? People are trying to do something different with a video chat bringing the family and friends together to celebrate. People have been careful and safe. Thanksgiving is to celebrate at home with the people you live with. We shouldn’t cancel Thanksgiving this year. The best way is to do the video chat or outdoor activities. People can keep their celebration, but have plans to do something with family and friends creatively. The world doesn’t want to miss Thanksgiving and we want to keep tradition going.

For example, Marisa Moore was interviewed about her Thanksgiving and what she did the best way to keep touch with her family: ¨Marisa Moore usually travels from her Georgia home to South Carolina to see her family for Thanksgiving. Instead, she plans to video chat with them as she attempts her first home-baked apple pie .¨ Marisa Moore tells her stories about her Thanksgiving. She did stay home and she avoided the virus. She has a good idea to video chat with her family. It’s kind of like traveling if you are traveling somewhere or back home. You might get the chance to have the virus or not. You don’t want to spread it to your family and others. 

Image is of Kat’s mom doing a video chat with my mom’s side family on Thanksgiving day. My mom wants to try different things on that day such as Thanksgiving food and hmong food. 

Next, Lucy Fehrenbach wanted to talk about Thanksgiving and care for people, ¨spending time with loved ones is important for health too.” She is a Washington state health official. The coronavirus spreads more easily when people are crowded together inside. Fehrenbach encourages new outdoor traditions, such as hiking as a family. Lacy wants to make Thanksgiving to be safe for this year. She said try new outdoor traditions and people can be six feet apart doing activities. Lacy tells people to be careful and try something new. She has good ideas about outdoor activities.

Third, Olga Garcia does different things, too  “This year, she will deliver food to her family. They are spread along 30 miles of highway in Washington state.¨  She is delivering food to her family. Olga Gracia’s family members do things like make tamales and watch the football games.

Lastly, there is no need to cancel Thanksgiving this year because people could call or video chat at home. People have their different ways to do something.The next holiday is Christmas.It will be the same thing or different. People won’t miss the holiday this year. I would do the same thing on Thanksgiving like a video chat and do different foods. I see my experience on Thanksgiving is it’s hard seeing the family on that day.