The Moderna Vaccine

Anthony Vang

A Covid-19 vaccine was created by a company named Moderna which could help the world  affected by the virus. The vaccine is highly effective against the virus inside the person’s body and it can create antibodies to prevent the virus from affecting the immune system. 

Science News for Students reports that Moderna,  a company that advanced a vaccine for Covid-19, “ ran a clinical trial.” Many volunteers were tested.  Moderna announced their vaccine to the public. The vaccine is able to successfully hold off COVID-19 from causing illnesses. The recent outcome is from the volunteers who have been tested by the vaccine and “show the vaccine is 95 percent effective.” 

Scientists tested the vaccine to see if it could work. Half of the volunteers received the vaccine. Other volunteers obtained a placebo. According to Science News for Students, “this placebo has no real effect. Scientists use placebos so they can see if a new treatment is better than no treatment at all.” 

Moderna delivered their vaccine on December 23, 2020 for other important countries including the US which are still affected by Covid-19. SPASH Speech Teacher, Mrs. Jessica Heckel, says “I think I will eventually but not right away. I know they reported some information on it, but I would like to learn a bit about it more once they start vaccinating the first group here in the country.”