How Teenagers Voted

Dylan Williams

Teenagers/young adults often have a hard time voting as people believe they are not educated enough to vote, they may not know enough about politics or the president elects,  or they may not care. A lot of people think that because we are younger, and still not very mature, we don’t know anything. However, there are still young people voting.

 There are a lot of different opinions between people, and young people have an opinion which is a majority, which I might add is a large one, which is many of us supporting Joe Biden. According to the article Election Week 2020: Young people increase turnout, Lead Biden to victory, Joe Biden won over people aged 18-45. There are a lot of different minorities that he supports, which Donald Trump may not, such as racial differences, LGBTQ+ community, and many others, which may affect our youth more than other age groups. From the same article I found, 78% of youth who voted, did vote for Joe Biden

During my interview with another student, they confirmed that they felt as though Biden would protect rights to minorities more than other president-elect, Donald Trump, would. Also, they said that Biden may try to correct the COVID-19 situation more than Donald Trump would.                                                                                                              

During my interview, I asked if our current president fit the values the interviewee was looking for, and he does not. He does and says a lot of things that are distasteful to many people, as well as he disagrees with a lot of minorities that need support right now, especially with growing issues inside of some minorities. I have read a lot of things in my sources that the younger people are interested in a candidate who is willing to address minorities correctly. Donald Trump, our current president, also does not support mask mandates and is not taking our current pandemic very seriously.

In general, this election has been very chaotic and it is a very confusing situation. A lot of people are worried about the United States right now, for many reasons, a lot leading back to the election. Hopefully, in January, when Biden gets inaugurated, there will be a lot of good changes that make the United States happier. With that being said, we could not have done anything without our young voters.