The Flash’s Season One

Christopher Lor

The Flash, the fastest man alive, the scarlet speedster whatever you may call him, has a TV show called well… The Flash. 

Though the latest season of The Flash had more to be desired from it due to it being cut short because of Covid let’s not talk about that, except we’ll talk about its best season which is the first.

The first season had trickery and deception from The Flash’s biggest enemy when he pretended to be Barry’s ally as Harrison Wells. ”People we admire aren’t always who we want them to be.” (Allen). What made this season so good was the villain Eobard Thawne or better known as the Reverse Flash and how he used his technology from the future to take over the life of Harrison Wells to create The Flash, so that he could use him to get back home while pretending to be his ally.

One of the most ironic things about The Flash is that the Reverse Flash wouldn’t have existed without him so that is why he had to create him. “Listen to me. Of everything I’ve done in my life, of everything I have invented, my most important is The Flash! Barry Allen must have a future. Now go. Go!” (Thawne). Without Barry’s existence Thawne wouldn’t exist since The Flash is the sole reason for Thawne’s existence in the timeline.

Barry Allen truly feared his foe the Reverse Flash and he had to overcome his fears to be able to beat him, “I mean the truth is, I’m stuck here in Central City. Fear has kept me in that living room for 14 years. Joe, I, I was mad at you for being scared. But, the truth is I was the one who was scared. I’ve been afraid of the man in yellow for my whole life. That’s why I lost.” (Barry). Barry’s fear of the man who killed his mother has haunted him his whole life and finally with the help of his friends and family he was finally able to push those fears behind him.

So all in all the first season was a big success because of the rivalry and battle between The Flash and his biggest rival the Reverse Flash.