Toxic Masculinity

Sinai Yang

An image of a dangerous man insulting others. This would be an image of a man with toxic masculinity.

Have you ever seen a man that shows bad anger and disrespect to others or a man that always judges someone’s emotions?  Some people with toxic masculinity like to take risks and hate showing or seeing emotions because it shows a sign of weakness.  Some people like to say that toxic masculinity is a very dangerous form of identifying as a man. People with toxic masculinity can have big egos, anger issues and abusive language. These man can hurt others either physically, mentally, or emotionally.

I think toxic masculinity is bad for the person with it and it’s also bad for the victims. Though toxic masculinity is a dangerous, it is still really difficult to avoid it.

Bethel University video, “Boys will be Boys,” explains what toxic masculinity is. Dr. Angela Sabates explains what toxic masculinity is and what people can do with it. It explained how  “the devaluing of emotions, so emotions particularly those expressing a vulnerability like depression and anxiety are seen as a sign of weakness.”This meant that signs of sadness are a sign of weakness.” Dr. Sabates claimed that toxic masculinity is what can be the most dangerous part of a man.

Dr. Sabates said, “Toxic masculinity includes a lot of exaggerated masculine attitudes and behaviors.” This creates disruptive attitudes towards the victims and creates rude types of behaviors.

Some people will probably say that they don’t think toxic masculinity is that bad at all.Some people believe toxic masculinity isn’t a problem because they think it’s hilarious to do the things they do.

Furthermore, toxic masculinity is bad because it hurts and affects other people who don’t like it. “And these include a wide variety of things. We’ll just say a few of them, as Dr. Mann noted. It is the belief that sexual prowess is family and that virility is a very important part of an ego.” This quote is to explain what Dr. Mann said about toxic masculinity in the “Boys will be Boys” video. 

People agree that toxic masculinity can ruin someone’s life. There can be depression and anxiety in someone’s life who’s dealing with someone who has toxic masculinity.  We can prevent toxic masculinity by staying strong and by stepping up to the person with toxic masculinity or to just not associate with him.