Genshin Impact A World Wide Multi Player Game

Gee Lee

The kinds of drops you can get

Genshin Impact is a free to play Gacha game. Over 17 million people have downloaded the game onto their devices. Genshin Impact also has a Co-op mode so you can play with your friends or other people although you are going to be the only person in your own world until you reach adventure rank 16. 

There are game currencies that are called Primogems, Genesis Crystle, Mora, Starglitter, Stardust, Anemo sigil, and Geo gisil where you can spend them. People can spend their primogems on buying stuff from Paimons bargains. To get there you have to open the menu by pressing the “esc” key and opening the shop tab. You can also spend your Starglitter, Stardust, and Genesis crystle. 

The game mechanics in the games are great because you can switch up to three other characters that play a specific role on the team that you have, the combat mechanics is really good overall the skill that each of the characters possess are amazing dealing lots of damage or supporting your team.
The game Genshin Impact does have similarities to the game Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild although Genshin is a free to play game that has high graphics and the game Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild you have to pay $50 for the game.

The Gacha system for Genshin Impact has drawn a lot of people’s attention. When people try the Gacha system they can be lucky by drawing out a 5 star character like Mona or Diluc or be unlucky by drawing out weapons. The Gacha system also has a pity system that guarantees a 5 star character after 90 rolls.  There is  also a soft pity that occurs after 75 rolls, although the chances of getting a soft pity sits at 25% chance rate.

Exploring different areas around the map and find amazing views

Exploring different areas in the game can be fun because gathering materials to upgrade your characters and weapons is important. While exploring different unknown areas around the map encountering mini bosses and defeating them to get weapon materials or artifacts to make your characters stronger as you progress throughout the game. Doing some of the side quests along the way can help you gain some adventure experience, friendship experience, primogems, and mora. Sometimes people start off the game not knowing what friendship experience is for. The friendship experience is for unlocking the characters lore so people get to know more about them.

The amazing boss battles and design

The game is incredibly amazing due to the high graphics and game mechanics. The weekly bosses that are in the game are challenging due to the amount of damage that they deal. Playing in Co-op makes everything easier because you can take out the strongest bosses much faster and clear dungeons to grind materials for the characters and weapons much faster. It’s much more fun if you play with other people. Farm out materials because you will get bored if you farm alone and it will take more time to clear the dungeon alone. If you haven’t played the game yet I would recommend you to give it a try. The story quest and boss battles can be challenging and it also can be fun at the same time, if the boss is too easy to defeat it would be boring. The higher your adventure rank is the stronger the monsters will become and unlocking new difficulties for the dungeons.