Is a Burger a Sandwich?

Luke Kratzke

The burger is a huge part of our culture, people eat it every day. Burgers are consumed on average three times a week according to PBS. How can it be such a huge part of our lives but we do not know what it is? 

Although a burger can be called by a different name, it is simply a sandwich because it is two pieces of bread with meat between them. Sandwiches have evolved into more than a simple definition, they can have so many different ingredients so even the most peculiar burgers can still be defined as a sandwich.

The sandwich was created for one sole purpose. John Montagu the 4th Earl of Sandwich, the creator of the sandwich wanted something that he could eat without getting his hands dirty and so he asked for a piece of meat with two pieces of bread holding it together. Since a burger is meat with a bun it is simply a sandwich.

Burgers are simply a savory ingredient typically meat which is in between a split bun. Brenda, the head lunch lady at SPASH said that “all meat patties are simply sandwiches” and later said that “a sandwich does not have to be meat”. So based off of that all burgers are sandwiches but not all sandwiches are burgers.

The creator of the sandwich deemed it necessary for the sandwich to be a piece of meat and burgers do not have to be meat. So some could argue that a burger is not always a sandwich.

By definition burgers are either meat patties or other savory ingredients in the form of a patty so they are not all sandwiches based on the original concept. Even though the original sandwich was made with meat, the sandwich has evolved to include other ingredients

The original creator made it with meat but it has changed with culture and the people decide what something is and can become. Things adapt with time and the sandwich did just that so a burger is a sandwich.

Burgers are a huge part of our culture here in America. They are just another fancy sandwich that we call by a different name. A burger CAN be classified as a sandwich.