“Its Show Time”

DeShay Anderson

Watching movies with the family is great. Laughing, giggling and even crying. But don’t you think it’s hard to find a family movie? Here’s a movie that the whole family will love… Beetlejuice!

Yes, It may be an older movie but it’s coming back around, this is still a great movie to watch because we can relate to a lot of the struggles the daughter has to face as being a kid in a new situation and parents that don’t believe her. Also having that one crazy person in their life.

“If you don’t let me gut out this house and make it my own I’ll go insane and take you with me,” Delia yeah you may be thinking “ what a Karen” or “that’s an evil stepmom” well that’s Lydia’s step-mom for you. She doesn’t really care for her stepdaughter and won’t listen when Lydia speaks. “Delia made me angry because she’s a stuck-up snob that wants to completely redo this beautiful farmhouse into something modern,” Katherine Anderson recalls after watching the movie.

We may all be unusual but at least she admits it “I am strange and unusual,” Lydia This is one of the main characters. This is the teenage girl she moved into the house with her dad and her stepmom. She is one of the most liked characters in the movie. Giving a different perspective as a whole you get to see her progress well threw the movie. 

“What did you expect, you’re dead.”This is the ghost caseworker. She is the one that helps them through the afterlife. She warns them about Beetlejuice’s antics and warns to not get him involved. 

“I liked a lot of the scenes in the movie, like going into the fake town and experiencing it from a doll view,” Katherine said happily ”It shows how creative the director is.” As an older movie, it may appeal to the adults and if their kids want to watch it again. The kids may like the movie differently, but it is still a family-friendly movie to watch.