A Year in the Future

Dylan Williams

November 2021. What could it look like? It is kind of scary to look at the future in these times. Could it be full of COVID? Could we go back to regular life? Trying to figure out how this pandemic may play out is proving to be practically impossible for everyone. 

Since around March, we have been dealing with this difficult pandemic, COVID-19. It has proven that all we can do is imagine scenarios on how the situation will play out. There are a lot of things the world does not know about COVID, and figuring more out about the virus probably would help determine where we could end up. We really don’t know what is going to happen with this pandemic. 

With how different States/Countries/Areas of the world are handling COVID, the situation is going to play out differently in different places. In the United States, a lot of places still have Mask Mandates, social distancing, and other protective measures in place. I have heard of other countries that don’t have as much protection anymore as COVID cases have decreased. Some schools still are using ELearning for students, while smaller towns, or places with less cases are not. This helps people 

In our world, most things already have some difficulty to them. In some places, they don’t have good healthcare like the United States. Some places even struggle to find food and water, which makes this situation 10x more difficult. People may not have access to masks, or may not really be able to social distance. On top of that, if people do not have the nutrients they need, their immune system will be lowered, making them more susceptible to COVID, and they may have a worse outcome. The whole world has been and will remain to be affected differently with COVID. 

All in all, COVID-19 will not be figured out in one discussion and everyone will have to work together to figure things out and stop the spread. Everyone will have to deal with the differences in the world and, basically embrace them to get things settled down.