Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Zimmer

Katana Provost

During my time in the Stevens Point school district, only a few teachers have sparked my personal interest. Ms.Zimmer is one of those few. She always makes me feel valued as a student at SPASH and goes out of her way to ask how your day was. Even on her hardest days, she works her hardest..

During our interview I asked what other career path choices she had., Ms. Zimmer stated, ¨I would be helping others that are going through crises” and I think that really reflects who she is as a person. She is always there to help and she genuinely means it. No matter what she’s always got a shoulder to lean on if needed.

Ms. Zimmer knows how to teach. Whether it’s during a pandemic or at school, she’ll make sure you learn the material. Always reinforcing to take notes or giving us the availability to guided notes sheets was always a benefit to her class. Whilst speaking with a former student of hers they said “the environment that she likes to make her class, she likes to joke a lot but she also makes sure we stay on time” which goes to show how amazing she is. 

You’ll be lucky if you get her as a teacher here at SPASH. She teaches algebra 1 and AP calculus. When she’s not teaching, she’s learning! She’s currently going to grad school at UWSP, right here in town studying “well over full-time.” 

I’ve had my fair share of teachers but no one comes quite as close to number one other than Ms. Zimmer. She is driven, well-motivated, organized, and overall a fun person. She’s always there to brighten the day or give you some extra help on some homework.