Genshin Impact is Free

Doua Yang

Explore a yellow grass field.

Genshin Impact is a gacha game that can be multiplayer as well as being solo.  The vast majority of gamers have been waiting for this game since the close beta on May 14, 2020.  Close beta is a beta testing that only allows a certain amount of players who qualify. To qualify you must have a pre-existing miHOYO account.

The game was recently released on September 28, 2020. Genshin impact is developed by Shanghi based miHoYo in China. Genshin Impact is a free-to-play multi-platform 3D action role-playing game with a vast world filled with amazing gameworks.  In recording Genshin Impact has been downloaded 17 million times since the release date of September 28, 2020 on Mobile app store etc.  The game has been ranked in the top 2 of role playing games, outselling many old and new games since its release.

People should play this game because you do not get free games that are high quality like Genshin Impact.  For example Breath of the wind can cost you up to 144 U.S dollars on steam with the same quality as Genshin impact.  Steam is a program like an app store or play store that lets you download games but on a computer.

Genshin Impact has an outstanding graphic that will attract your attention. “It’s like a squirrel effect… you’re like oh my gosh what is that… you just want to go out and you just wanna keep exploring.” said a youtuber, Food Then Game, who rates games that are new and games that they have played.  A reason you should play this game is that the graphics are high quality. It will amaze you with many things and make you want to just ignore quest and go explore or hunt.

This is one of the grape plantation fields that you would get to explore in.

“When you have gachas for many times and don’t get what you expect, be honest because out there someone is very unlucky even can’t play this game and only watches on youtube of people playing on it,” said Sed, a Genshin impact reviewer on the app store. One thing about Genshin Impact that people may look away from is how everyone has their own luck.  This can be displeasing to many players due to some other player will have more advantage because they either have a lot of luck or have a ton of money to spend to get characters and weapons.

Genshin Impact is a solo built game but you can choose to play with three other players. “The main reasons I actually ended up downloading the game is that it’s solo,” by a Youtuber, Food Then Game. This game is solo friendly for those who are lone wolves and want to be in a world that is just them.  With it being solo friendly most of the quest can be done solo without needing help from a teammate like most games.

This game is honestly amazing. Yes it does have pros and cons, but so do many other games.  This game comes in high quality as well as it being free to play.  There may be cons because of some things in the game being as luck.  However there are still so many pros that will cancel that out in seconds.  With th

These are my favorite characters, Mona, Ki Ki, and Keqing.

e world being in high quality and there being so much other things to be done in the game solo or with a friend.  This game is just top on chart and is out selling many other new released games of 2020.