The roads you paved

Erich Vanblargan


The school year is now ending and the dawn of a new day shines on the horizon for the students of the Stevens Point Area Senior High. Looking back, it is a blur of time and effort for many with events and people combining to become memories of the past.

However, we must never forget the past as it is what makes the present and I wish to give homage to that past. To give thanks to the amazing faculty and staff who made our schooling careers possible.

Many may take for granted a majority of the people be it the custodial staff who work to keep the school clean so that students may focus on their studies and not the garbage at their feet. The lunch ladies work from early morning to mid-day to feed students and faculty so they may worry about their homework and not their next meal.

The lovely folk in the offices work tirelessly to ensure that the school is operating smoothly and giving students the best chances at the future. The teachers who work at school and home to provide the best means of educating their students and showing them the doors to a bright future.

Without these people many of us would not know what careers we wished to aspire for, the futures that we could have and how to get there, what makes us who we are, and the history of who we are. We must not forget the kindness that was brought on to us from these people, many of whom may have struggled through life and been ridiculed along the path to be able to help us find our way.

We must never forget their kindness, blood, sweat and tears for these are the people whose dreams have brought us here. Their time and dedication to paved out future roads; from the soils they once trended, we may now grow. To all of those I mentioned I want you to know, that no matter how dark our days, we will always have your roads.