The opportunity to succeed

Kenny Schultz


Walking into a classroom and expecting to be the best is hard to come upon. You can never be certain you will succeed until you put the effort in to do so.

I have never been the best student, and I have never tried to be the best student but I know I could be. When I walk into any given classroom I get a bad feeling about not succeeding.

I know what it takes to get good grades, but it’s more than getting the grades in some ways. You have to be nice to all your teachers and fellow classmates and it’s mostly about your effort you show the teacher.

Many students I see every day don’t even show up to class on time and some don’t show up at all. This is a huge thing that doesn’t get you teachers’ respect and makes them like you a whole lot less.

I’ve had the best teachers in the world and some that I wouldn’t consider them to be even close to that. It’s better to build good relationships with all of your teachers by being there every day and trying your best. Also, I think that it’s better to have a teacher you may not connect that much with because then you have the opportunity to be better as a student.

I always get mad when I get a grade or test score I don’t like and I know right then every time that I didn’t prepare enough. It’s all about preparation, especially for tests and exams, and if you don’t prepare in advance, you might feel some regret.

Some people think that studying for tests is a waste of time and I believe that sometimes because it can get boring. But as a result, you will be a lot happier if you did study rather than not.

I believe that a student who doesn’t turn in their work is a student who doesn’t want to be in school. If you don’t want to be in school please do us all a favor and just leave.

All students should feel comfortable with their peers and teachers to help them through things. If you have a problem with family or your grades aren’t what you want, there are so many people that want you to succeed.

I’ve always wanted to be the smart kid who knows everything, but we all know that doesn’t just happen. For me, I have to work really hard in school just to succeed at the easy things. But I do know that when I put the work in, the harder stuff comes easier.

When working with another classmate, it often seems to not be the best choice. You would think working with someone else would benefit you, but really having someone else telling you what to do just distracts you.

I believe the key to succeeding in class is studying in a quiet place by yourself and occasionally meeting 1 on 1 with a teacher. But some people might like to be taught or need to be taught a different way and that’s okay because everyone learns at their own pace.

Surviving in school is one thing, but succeeding comes with a want. You either give it everything you got, or you barely pass through. Anyone who doesn’t give it their best is not just wasting the teachers time but wasting everyone else’s time who is actually trying to learn.

I’m sure when we all go to start the new school year we all get A’s on everything so then most people don’t try because they think they are good because they have an A. That’s when one big grade brings someone’s grade from an A to an F and it’s completely their fault.

I’m not saying that this happens to everyone, but I definitely don’t recommend using this strategy.

I believe any student has the ability to do whatever they want in school. Some of us take the easy road to graduate high school and some are 4.0+ students who get to go wherever they want. It doesn’t matter which road you take, just know you are better off giving it your best every time you step inside that classroom.

My name is Kenny Schultz. I am 17, a Junior attending Stevens Point Area Senior High School (SPASH). I am an only child and I live with my mom and dad in Plover, Wisconsin. I enjoy doing outside activities with my friends. I volunteer a lot in my community and help out a lot with little kids. I love coaching little kids, watching them, and even just being around them because they remind me of myself at that age. I am also a serious student-athlete and I hope to be one in college so I can have many opportunities when I graduate.