SPASH closed over break

Erich Vanblargan


The western side of Stevens Point Area High School will be closed from March 14 to March 22 for the removal of asbestos from around the air ducts and water pipes in the ceiling.

During spring break the areas between the front door and a la carte toward the student parking lots will be closed for asbestos abatement that will take place through that area.

This is not an optional closing as asbestos breaks down into thin fibers that are easily inhaled. These fibers, when inhaled, cause throat irritation, coughing, breathing problems and irritation of the lungs. For those reasons the asbestos around the air ducts and vents is being replaced as it has begun to degrade due to old age and is disrupted due to ceiling removals.

The asbestos removal is not all that will be occurring during spring break. There will also be New LED lighting, a heating and air conditioning system, electrical cablings and cables for the school’s computer network and Wi-Fi will also be added.

The new heating and air-conditioning systems will improve ventilation capabilities.

New electric cabling will provide cleaner connections between needed areas as well as increasing the capacity of the outlets and other electronic appliances. The Wi-Fi network will also be getting some much-needed attention in order to speed up the Wi-Fi and ensure a better connection.

The asbestos abatement will be completed and cleaned up before school starts on March 23 while the rest of the improvements will be finished before August.

New lighting was recently installed in the tech ed area.