Science experiments and teacher experiences

Brian Kraege


Science is an essential part of the curriculum at any school in America and with it comes a variety of teachers who have had their own experiences, struggles and achievements throughout their careers. Daniel Hagstrom is one such teacher.

Hagstrom graduated with a degree in physics and math from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in 1999. He started teaching in 2002 and has been teaching at Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) since 2013 in a number of subjects from physics to astronomy.

“Some of the teachers here were actually responsible for getting me into teaching. We were friends for a while and it was them who introduced me to it…. It was a really easy and smooth start.”

He has had many students learn from him and he himself has learned from his students as well.

“I’ve learned a lot actually, it’s always kind of a mystery at the start of the year but I learn how to teach the students, what works for them, what makes them tick, I really end up growing with the students I teach.”

Outside of school he is a writer for the Wisconsin Association for Physics teachers and occasionally writes astronomy-related articles for the Portage County Gazette.

Hagstrom is an experienced teacher who knows the subjects he teaches well and will help students with curiosity to ask, and is well-liked by students and his fellow teachers.

“He is excellently equipped for teaching students and has awesome ideas for demos,” colleague Jill Donahue said.