The lunch rush at the “Convenience Store Chain of the Year”

Wyatt Cornell


Roller bites, chicken sandwiches, Angus beef burgers, f’reals and the best chocolate milk you’ve ever had. This is just some of the delicious food you can get at Kwik Trip.

Customers can get everything from candy and soda to donuts and muffins or milk and bananas at any Kwik Trip store. Their in-house dairy and internal bakery make some of the items for sale. If you want a “hot spot” item that is currently out, you can simply ask and they will make a fresh one.

Kwik Trip is not only known in our town as the most popular convenience store but in all of Wisconsin. This title is well earned as everything in the store is high quality and affordable. In 2018, Kwik Trip was honored as the 2018 Convenience Store Chain of the Year by Convenience Store Decisions.

There are more than 700 stores spread across three states, almost 400 of which are right here in Wisconsin. Trevor Paulson, a student at Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH), said, “You literally can’t drive five minutes without passing one.”

Kwik Trips are also very clean. Lauren Pliska, an employee, said, “We spend lots of time each day cleaning counters, floors and equipment.”

The stores have a very friendly staff that know how to help you.

A Kwik Rewards credit card provides all kinds of deals. The first thing is 10 percent off purchases in-store. The second is every 10 times you buy something at Kwik Trip you can get a Big Buddy fountain drink, a chicken sandwich or many other items for free.

With Kwik Trip being such a popular place in Wisconsin and there being one only a few minutes away from SPASH they get a big lunch rush on most days. “We always make sure we have extra ‘hot spot’ items ready and more workers on during those times,” Pliska said.