Get comfy with a mug of coffee


The Mirror

For numerous Americans, a cup of coffee is essential to get the day started, especially if that day is the beginning of a long work week. Locally owned and operated coffee shop and cafe Emy J’s knows exactly how to deliver a perfect coffee to get your day started right.

Located at 1009 1st Street in Stevens Point, Emy J’s coffee aroma and delicious lunch menus draw people in from all over Stevens Point and Plover.  They are open every day from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.; food is available for limited hours.

The cafe was opened in 2003 by Guy and Maria Janssen. On March 1, 2017, the Janssens announced the decision to step down as the owners of Emy J’s and presented Hana Cutler as the new owner and face of the cafe.

The decor of the cafe is a mixture of traditional decoration with art designs incorporated and displayed on chairs and tables. The furniture includes a sofa, chairs and tables with art designs embedded, and outside patio for the summer.

The coffee shop has many qualities that attract people to stop by.  The layout is intentionally designed to be spacious, serving all breakfast and coffee in the front area of the cafe. Directly behind the wall is another section for those who want lunch and get involved in a serious conversation.

Emy J’s is also a perfect place for high school and college students to have a cup of coffee, and dive into their homework while still enjoying the comfortable quiet and the aroma of the coffee.

A prominent part of Emy J’s mission is to bring local farm produce and organic coffee imported from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Columbia. These coffee beans are then roasted in large quantities for in-house use and wholesale accounts. Staying healthy and consuming proper and balanced food is a goal for many of us. That is why Emy J’s goes to the high end to serve their customers organic and real fruits, vegetables and local produce from our local farms.  

Emy J’s menu includes Coffee, Lattes, Espresso, Smoothies, Ice cream, and muffins and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Lunch is also served at the back side directly behind the front entrance to the cafe.  You may choose any size convenient to you but the smoothies are served in one size. A great aspect of Emy J’s shop and cafe is their affordable price for the quality of food and drink. 

Emy J’s has great customer service and quality food. I have been to Emy J’s and witnessed the kindness, warmth, and outstanding service they provide. The employees are energetic, welcoming, and provide a comfortable atmosphere for their customers.    

If you are looking for a great service, real and organic produce, and a taste of coffee that has you going for seconds, go to Emy J’s and see what I’m talking about. Emy J’s we all talk about, we’ve all had it, now you try it.