Registering to vote


The Mirror

As seniors at Stevens Point Area High School (SPASH) turn 18, they have the opportunity to become a registered voter. However, many seniors don’t know how, or why, they should register to vote for the next statewide election which is April 2.

Senior Nathan Roth said he hasn’t registered yet because he wasn’t sure how. “… I wanted to register, but I had no idea how to, so I kind of let it go,” Roth said.

The easiest method of registration is through My Vote Wisconsin. All you need is a valid Wisconsin driver’s license. Alternately, if the voter doesn’t have a valid Wisconsin driver’s license, they can provide proof of residence in Wisconsin.

The most common way to register is at the polling station the day of the election. Polls are open 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on election day and all that is required is proof of residence.

Another popular option is in-person registration. The voter must go to the City Clerk’s office on the Friday before the election with proof of residence.

Registering by mail is less common. One must complete a form, which can be obtained from the City Clerk’s office, and mail it back to the City Clerk with proof of residence.

Most likely the least heard of method of voter registration is through a Special Registration Deputy (SRD). SRDs are specially trained volunteers who travel to distant communities to register people who may not be able to access the City Clerk’s office.