No firm decision about making up days

The Mirror reporter

The Stevens Point Area School District had its fifth snow day on February 7. Once the school day was canceled, rumors started to spread about if or how the schools will make up the hours lost.

The school district has a certain number of extra hours built into the school year so that when school is canceled once or twice, students do not have to make up the hours. Now, the district has used up the built-in hours and will have to figure out how to make it up.

Principal Jon Vollendorf said changing certain professional development days to student days, adding on school days in June, or lengthening the daily schedule by a few minutes every day to total up to the missed time are all possibilities. He said not all the days missed will have to be made up.

People may think that the decision on how to address the missed days should be made quickly, but there is no deadline for the decision to be made. Until a decision is made, nobody will know for sure what the snow day make up plan is.