The Showing of Rogers Cinema


The Mirror reporter

Stevens Point is a great city. It has been around for a long time and is always changing and adding more to the community. It full of small and large businesses and many activities but something that is truly amazing is the movie theater.

The movie theater, also known as Rogers Cinema, has two locations in Stevens Point. It is a great place because who doesn’t like movies? These theaters are great for the community because they help add a variety of activities to the city.

Rogers Cinema in Stevens Point has been around a while. The company has been around since 1972, but the theater was owned by another theater company before unable to provide a date the building was built in Stevens Point.

Rogers Cinema also has many events. Every year after prom they host morp after party. They also play private showings for schools like a movie of a book they read. And during trivia week they have the trivia movie.

Rogers Cinema is a clean and modern theater but a lot of people want to know if they will be upgrading their theater with dream lounger chairs system where people will have a reclining leather chair and can buy tickets to reserve seats for their party.

A lot of students believe the theater should not be upgraded to the dream lounger chair system. Four out of seven say no.  “It encourages people to sleep, “said Matthew Benton.

But after all of that six out of seven agree that the Rogers Cinema is a great activity to have in town with all that it provides for people to do.

“Top Secret” said a Rogers Cinema employee leaving people to wonder. But it may be in the future because not so long ago they had a trail chair out for people to try.

Rogers Cinema can get packed quickly when a new highly rated movie comes out, but some students only go “once a month”, “rare” or “not often” with Tyrese Dickerson a student at SPASH saying “never”

Some students’ favorite parts about the theaters are the big screens the theater has, how close by it is and that it’s “Nice to go with family and friends” Matthew Wollschlager. The reasonable price for drinks and snacks said, Morgan O’Keefe.

Rogers Cinema is a great activity to do in Stevens Point.  One of the many that help makes Stevens Point the city it is.