News Notes for December 20

SPASH: It’s time to pull out the ugly sweaters

This Friday is when ugly sweaters get to feel appreciated. If you don’t have one try to find one at a local thrift store or see if you can borrow one from a friend. School spirit is a fun way for the students to get involved while they still can. Participating in school events can help people feel a sense of togetherness. (MR)


STATE: A new and easy way to lose weight

On Monday, a group of University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists published their findings on a new weight-loss device that someday may be implanted in people’s stomachs. The device is battery-free and about one-third the size of a copper penny. A gentle electric pulse is generated from the device that mimics the stomach’s natural churning motions. This tricks the brain into thinking a person’s stomach is full after only a few bites. (RP)


LOCAL: Minors banned from buying e-cigarettes

The Stevens Point City Council on Monday banned minors from purchasing and possessing all vaping products and created fines ranging from $50 to $100 plus court costs. The ban comes at the urging of police and school officials in the county. According to the Stevens Point Journal, “Sometimes kids will say they don’t have nicotine in that (vape) and I have no way of determining that one way or another,” Joe Kramer, police liaison officer at Stevens Point Area Senior High, said. The new ban eliminates uncertainty. (WK)


INT’L: Demark’s own mini Alcatraz

Denmark has a plan to send foreign criminals to a tiny island, despite criticism from the UN. Denmark is taking an increasingly tough stance on immigration. They want to send up to a hundred people with jail sentences instead of deporting them because they are at risk of torture or execution in their home countries. Its goal is for it to be established in 2021 but will cost about 92 million euros or about 105 million in American dollars. Many little things are still being worked out but Demark funding for the scheme was included in the 2019 Danish budget. (BV)


NAT’L: National Re-gifting day is today!

According to Thursday, Dec. 20 is National Re-gifting day in the US! This is your chance to get rid of any unwanted Christmas gifts you have received in the past. Re-wrap and re-gift the present to a friend or family member. The idea of a “National Re-gifting day” was introduced by a few years ago as a way to get rid of unwanted gifts. So, instead of throwing away that coffee mug or Christmas hat, re-gift it today! (SL)