News Notes for Dec. 12

LOCAL: Stevens Point among the top college communities in the nation

On Tuesday, the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point (UWSP) and the city of Stevens Point were recognized by Wallet Hub’s annual “Best College Towns and Cities in America” list as one of the top college communities in the country. Stevens Point is ranked number six out of 415 cities across the nation. In addition, Point is also ranked 18 for friendliness, 82 for social environment, and 46 for academic and economic opportunity. (RP)

STATE: Wild turkey chases boy

A recent video of a “testy turkey” chasing a boy in Wisconsin has emerged online, according to For some reason, a wild turkey and a young boy on his way home from school engaged in an unusual interaction. Luckily, the turkey was scared off by a person in an SUV, who later gave the frightened boy a ride home. (SL)

SPASH: Come enjoy a night of music

On Dec. 18 our high school bands will be performing in the SPASH auditorium. It will start at 7:30 p.m. and go till 9:00 p.m. Parents and students are welcome to come and support and encourage our SPASH students. (MR)

INT’L: Gunman at large in France

A shooting has happened in an eastern French city called Strasbourg. The gunman shot 15 people killing three and putting half of them in serious condition. The others sustained light injuries. The gunman was already known to security services as a possible terrorist threat. With hundreds of police officers, searching and border control personnel have strengthened security as they search for the gunman. The motives of the shooting remain unclear. (BV)

NAT’L: Farmers scared by Trump’s tariffs

Associated Press (AP) interviewed Democratic Sen. Doug Jones on President Donald Trump’s tariffs which are sparking questions and anxiety in Alabama. Jones said soybean farmers from back home are “scared to death.” Even in the deep-red Alabama people are starting to question Trump’s “nationalistic approach” on tariffs is a threat to their financial well-being. Jones said Alabama’s auto exporters are also concerned. (WK)