Pink is not a girl color, blue is not a boy color


The Mirror reporter

What is your favorite color? Is it red, black, or purple? Have people told you that your favorite color is gender-specific and that you shouldn’t like it because you’re the wrong gender? Society put these, as well as many items, into a gender-specific category.

People categorize jobs as “only a man can do this” or “only a woman can do this.” Job examples include only men in the military, police or as mechanics. But women are able to do these jobs as well as men, if not better. It goes both ways: Only a woman can be a nurse, a fashion designer, or even a secretary. This also is not true. Men can have these careers as well.

But jobs aren’t the beginning, it starts when children are young. Nerf and Hot Wheels are “masculine.” and only boys are to play with them. This, however, is wrong, very wrong. Girls love to play with cars and Nerf, too. On the other hand, people say that only girls play with dolls or cook meals. Both of these thoughts are false.

Both genders play with what is thought of as gender-specific toys and both can be accomplished at what was once thought of as gender-specific jobs. Why does society do this?

This started from the beginning of time when men were the hunters due to them being stronger. Women were the gatherers and stayed at home because they were the ones who give birth and fed the newborn children. After years women started wanting to do more which didn’t happen much of the time in till around World War II. During WWII women were making the ships and ammo and supplies for the men fighting. After the men came back, women didn’t want to go back like they used to before working. This was the moment that made gender-equality something people worried about.

This all needs to change. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl there’s no difference. No matter what, we are human and are capable of the same preferences. Humans are equal.