A pride float came to homecoming

Oliver Bronk and Lauren Huebner were two of many students who helped create the GSA float. (Jay Barkley Photo)


The Mirror reporter

This year is the first year the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) made a float for homecoming. They have previously walked in the parade but this year they took on the task of creating a float.  GSA and the Feminist Club partnered and shared the trailer.

GSA was created over 20 years ago for the purpose of providing a safe space for people to talk and be themselves. The club covers topics involving sexual orientation and gender identity, how to combat homophobia and transphobia at school and home, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) news from around the world.

“Be kind, even if someone doesn’t look like they’re struggling, they’re probably going through something. Clubs like GSA give people space to work through those problems,” Tobi Scott said. GSA is about supporting everyone, no matter their skin color, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

For some members, GSA is the only place they can fully be themselves. The float was an extension of this. They could show the school who they truly were, with others like them.

GSA’s theme for their float was “Gay Space Alliance” and take on the GSA acronym. The float’s sign was decorated with a rocket blasting off with rainbow tails. The float also had eight different planets colored to look like the different pride flags and rainbow streamers hanging off the sides of the platform.

The float-making process turned out to be more difficult than expected. Some members stayed for the whole time allowed both days to finish. In the end, they were all proud of their hard work.