Teachers study as well


The Mirror reporter

Do you think the study period finishes after the second semester’s end? Yes, it happens for students but not for teachers. Their studies will wait for them during summer vacation.

Each teacher needs more practice and improvement to help their students succeed.

This year August is chosen as a good month for practice and study for “givers of knowledge.”

In that month the school district will have a professional development workshop day. “I think it will be a good time for the workshops because we will be relaxed and refreshed from summer break,” said Ann Marchant, ESL teacher. Each teacher will have a co-teaching partner because, besides improving the skills, teachers will be able to learn about working together. They have to teach each other how to teach students, i.e. to invent new methods of teaching or to fix any defects because good teaching is the key to a good education

“During the workshop, we are usually excited for a new school year,” added Marchant.

Dan Hoppe, a social studies teacher, will not participate in the professional development program at SPASH like Marchant but his study schedule will be full during summer break as well.

He is going to Philadelphia to study the U.S. Constitution with other teachers from different states. Studying in Germany is also on his list. There he is going to get acquainted with German businesses and meet with government officials as well. For about two weeks he will take part in a similar program in St. Louis where he will teach teachers how to teach.

May is AP exams month and on May 17 thousands of students took AP Comparative Government Exam. Someone will have to grade them but who will do that? Right, Dan Hoppe. He is also going to Salt Lake City, UT for grading these tests with other teachers.

Do you still think teachers get a lot of rest during summer break? If yes, you are still wrong.