Final thoughts about finals


The Mirror reporter

The end of the school year is upon us at Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) and that means finals too, but are they really worth all this time and stress? In my opinion, no, they are a series of unnecessary tests that make you want to rip your hair out.

Here at SPASH students are required to take these finals in most classes. The type of test varies depending on the class but in all classes, they make up 10 to 20 percent of your grade. However, in many cases, they have little impact on the student’s grade.

With little impact, you wouldn’t think you’d stress about it, that it’s no big deal. This, however, is not true. When it comes to finals, students stress a lot and they start studying weeks in advanced, staying up for hours just to try and earn a decent grade. I admit I am one of these students and I think it’s ridiculous.

They say finals help students prepare for college and test our knowledge of what we learned collectively over the semester, but don’t tests do that. For example, in my Advanced Algebra 2 class, I have weekly tests. We take these tests to examine our knowledge, so why do we need another big test that doesn’t really do anything but stress us out? Personally, I feel finals should be cut, they just cause much anxiety when I have enough to deal with in my life and at school.

When it comes to finals the type of test is always different. A great example of this is the math final. They’re usually 100 point tests where you sit in a silent room. This is way different from most art finals; here they are usually a final project you get the week to work on. The environment is very different, especially because you aren’t stressing out, have a long period of time to do it, and don’t have to be silent. I like this, it gives students a break from sitting in a quiet room and lets teachers “test” students a way they like. Another example of this would be band, we don’t even have a final, we have a final concert. So on the day of finals, we have a period to relax and study for other classes.

I think finals are unnecessary and without them, students would be better off. However, I know that won’t happen so I think teachers should be able to choose if they want to do them or not. Not everybody likes them and I feel if less pressure was put on students, they would succeed and stress would be taken off teachers and students.