Disastrous Cult Takes Over Hope County


The Mirror reporter

Far Cry 5 throws you into the world of an FBI agent who becomes trapped in fictional Hope County which has been overrun by a religious cult whose followers are pejoratively called “peggies.” The mission is to arrest the cult’s “Father” who has multiple warrants due to the actions caused by the annihilative cult. Hope County has four divisions one being the “Fathers” compound and the other three belong to his siblings. The cult is powered by a drug called “Bliss,” a repulsive hallucinogenic drug used throughout the cult. Overuse of the drug makes people and animals malevolent and more resilient to death giving them the name “Angels.”

The three divisions in the game are Henbane River empowered by Faith Seed, Whitetail Mountains militarized by Jacob Seed, and Holland Valley ruled by John Seed,

Faith Seed was ostracized by her community and treated rather poorly by her parents leading her to drug use. She manufactures the horrendous drug “Bliss” for all of Hope County. Faith is the only sibling out of the three who is not actually related to the seed family in anyway. She was brought into the cult by the “Father” who gave her the name “Faith Seed.” She is now one of the three maniacal siblings who rule over “Hope County” under the dictatorial “Father.”

Jacob Seed is a veteran who trains all new soldiers for the cult by capturing and torturing anyone who resists and forcing them to kill one another to cull the weak in “trials” to the death. If captured by Jacob’s soldiers while being “hunted” you are forced to participate in these trials running through what seems like a dream eliminating anyone in your sight. He joined the cult to help his younger brother “Father” train and establish a militarized cult for conflict situations.

John Seed is a lawyer in the family and also acts as the cult’s “baptist” by making everyone confess their sins to relieve their mind and soul. He uses the seven deadly sins and will tattoo them on anyone who he gets his hands on. After a “confession” is made, he carves the tattoo out of the body. John Seed keeps a well-practiced group within his division but with their own bible and set of rules that many do not agree with.

If you liberate enough of one division by destroying the cults transportation vehicles, shrines that are scattered throughout the county, or helping the resistance in main or side missions, the sibling who mandates that area will send out the cult who are inevitable causing you to be “hunted.” These do get annoying if you’re just trying to have fun by exploring and not really working on the main mission as once hunted no matter what within a minute you will be brought to the select sibling and are at their mercy. This is by far one of the biggest downsides of the game.

One of my favorite parts of the game is the newly updated “guns for hire” feature. You can obtain a “Fangs for hire” which are various animals by helping free them from the cult who plans on using them as disastrous weapons by giving them “Bliss.” There are three “Fangs for hire.” They are Boomer the trusty dog who will take down enemies and occasionally bring you weapons to help fight the cultists, Peaches the stealthy but very lethal mountain lion who thrives for “peggies” blood, and Cheeseburger the famous diabetic zoo bear who has no problem running in and mauling multiple enemies and taking the heat during the fight.

There are also various people who you can help with certain tasks that will help aid in your fight against the tyrannical “Father.” Each of these characters have unique abilities that will help your fight, for instance, you can help Nick Rye get his plane “Carmina” back from John Seed or Jess Black the young adult who was raised by her prepper and survivalist grandmother giving her tremendous archery skills who will use her trusty compound bow to silently eliminate cultists.

Overall, this is a really fun game to play whether you’re slaughtering cult members, helping the resistance in various tasks across the county, hunting animals, fishing, or exploring the magical views throughout the county, there is something for every type of gamer. Of all the Far Cry games I have played, this one definitely is my favorite to emerge myself in.