Gripping action in Supernatural


The Mirror reporter

This stunning work by director Eric Kripke won the hearts of many in the world, including mine as well. There are thousands of fans in almost every country. It is time to get acquainted with the television series.

To be honest, the plot is very predictable. If you reread the title of TV series, I think you will be able to imagine what might happen. The prolonged TV movie shows us a story about adventures of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who travel the USA in a black Chevrolet Impala 1967. Their job is to investigate paranormal phenomena and to fight with different demons and ghosts. Thanks to these characters, now I know that holy water, salt and pictogram are necessary for battle with evil spirits.

I have been interested in Supernatural since the end of August 2017 and have already watched five of 13 seasons. All episodes are about 45 minutes long. In addition to the horror movie, there is also detective genre in the TV series, so necessary to watch the movie carefully to understand what’s happening and to realize the creator’s vision.

So, it is time to turn to the description of the main characters.

Dean Winchester (in real life he is Jensen Ackles) is elder son of the greatest demon hunter named John Winchester. He and Sam continue their father’s business, abandoning study and personal life. Dean always prefers to sacrifice everything, sometimes even himself, for the sake of his only brother (that’s why I like him so much). He is used to acting harshly in the investigation without any fear but in one episode he was frightened by the sharp appearance of a small kitten (it was funny, honestly). Also, I think everyone has their own negative feature and Dean is not an exception. This character is a womanizer.

Sam Winchester (in real life he is Jared Padalecki) is Dean’s only brother. He is an unusual character and keeps mysteries to himself because he was bewitched by the devil in his childhood. Sam and Dean lost their mother really early because she was burned by the devil in her bedroom. Several years later, Sam’s girlfriend shared the fate of his mother. But Sam does not have the same negative feature as Dean has and he was faithful to his dead girlfriend for a long time. It is good for him, I think. Also, he is calmer than his brother is and investigates with some sentimentality. Despite his fate, Sam still continues to go forward and does what he must.   

I am able to say with confidence that the behaviors of these brothers are good examples of how you must relate to your closest people. For the sake of the brother, every one of them made contracts with the devil. For the sake of the brother, every one of them burned in the hell. For the sake of the brother, every one of them “spits” on the law. Nowadays words almost mean nothing and I suppose only actions are the best manifestations of love.

The producer decided to show that even angels may not be what they seem (as powerful Castiel or just Cas) and we can see absolutely another side of them.

There will be a lot of unexpected turns and strange metamorphoses will happen to the main characters as well. Even during a hunt that puts their lives at risk, Dean and Sam will still realize that the family is the most important thing in the whole world.

To summarize, I would like to recommend “Supernatural” for watching and you definitely will not regret it, I promise. It could change your world vision. Enjoy watching!