Riverdale takes you to the cliff


The Mirror reporter

What if in your town, there was a mysterious killer on the loose? That is what the citizens in Riverdale have to worry about. I will be reviewing the American Drama T.V series, Riverdale, which is based on the Archie comics.

I started watching Riverdale right after season one came out on Netflix. I could not stop watching as it is very intriguing. A new episode of season two comes out every Wednesday on The CW channel.

Season one always had me in anticipation of new relationships and new mysteries I kept trying to figure out, including the mysterious death of Cheryl Blossom’s brother, Jason. Season two was off to a great start with main characters tracking down the Black Hood, but slowed as the episodes started to get boring while they stayed on the same storyline for a very long time and became underwhelming.

The last episode that just came out (Carrie: The Musical episode) was a big pick up! I was not expecting what happened and it gave Riverdale more life again. With the musical episode on Wednesday night, Riverdale High left all of the nonsense of the SoDale project and Hiram and Archie behind closing in on all the elements that have made the series great as Kevin’s production of Carrie: The Musical made its stage debut.

Betty was cast perfectly to type, she played Carrie’s “good girl” classmate, while Veronica played the mean girl. In playing those roles, however, each realized something about herself: as Archie told Betty, Veronica has always been there for her—so perhaps Betty’s unwillingness to forgive Veronica for scheming with her father and lying to the group is a little harsh. And for Veronica, playing the bad girl helped her realize that maybe she hasn’t been the greatest friend. Cheryl Blossom, the perfect Carrie actress, was unable to perform as her mother Penelope would not let Cheryl participate in the musical leaving her understudy Midge, to play Carrie.

At the end of the episode, Riverdale High performed their musical, and notes kept coming into sight from the Black Hood (who was thought to be dead). During the musical, Midge was unveiled from a curtain and was stabbed and dead, with a note from the Black Hood. This, obviously was not part of the musical so the crowd started freaking out. I could not believe my eyes and was so shocked!  I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode.