Free Fire is on fire


The Mirror reporter

The mobile game Free Fire is an exhilarating shooter game. It was made by the company Garena. The premise of the game is you are air-dropped, with 49 other people into an open land where everyone has the same opportunity to get guns by looting various buildings and fields. You can add friends and play duo matches or go in with a squad.

The game gives you many opportunities and choices, such as where to land or if you want to use more of a long range gun like a sniper or short range gun such as a shotgun.

This game intrigues me because of how different you can make every experience. I like how everyone starts off the same and nobody has the advantage. This makes it fair and fun for beginners.

The graphics are extraordinary. Every month or so, Garena will come out with a new update putting in more forest areas or rivers that provide more places to take cover. With each update, the graphics get even clearer.

Garena does a good job of keeping things simple but also interesting. I like this game because you can play it with a friend no matter what level they are. Even if a person just got the game they still start the same as everyone else.

The game is also very realistic unlike other games like Fortnite where you can randomly build and use guns that shoot exploding eggs. Free Fire uses real guns and armor. This is a different type of gameplay that is respected by more people. I enjoy knowing that the guns people are using are real and I’m not getting shot at by exploding eggs.

To keep things interesting Garena also adds new guns or different game modes that are only offered for a limited time. The most recent was an all-vehicle race where you had to try and be the first to the finish line without wrecking your car.

Another great part of the game is that it is very hard to hack. In some games, you have to deal with hackers very often. In Free Fire, I have never come across a hacker. The game is reliable and you don’t have to deal with glitches. Garena is always keeping things up-to-date. Whenever a problem occurs you can email them by pressing a button on the homepage of a game and they will have it fixed within the next couple of days.

Free Fire keeps everyone on their toes. I highly recommend downloading. It is a great time-passer. Finding new hiding spots or improving your skills will keep you locked into the game for hours.