Welcome to the Jungle: Jumanji-style


The Mirror reporter

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a movie where everything that seems impossible to normal humans is possible to these characters.

Chris Van Allsburg’s 1981 children’s book Jumanji was later made into a fairly popular movie in 1995 in which Robin Williams escaped from a board game pursued by rhinos, elephants, monkeys and lions which then went awry, In Brantford, New Hampshire. This “continuation of the story” smartly inverts the basis of the original, introducing us to the jungle. They are faced with many next-level challenges and the fate of Jumanji depends on the characters. This movie is action-packed with many moments where you can’t do anything but laugh.

But before we get too far ahead let’s start with the beginning. The movie starts out with us being informed that it is the year 1996, the year after the previous Jumanji movie. The board game is washed up on a beach in Brantford, New Hampshire. A man then runs past it and glances at the game then proceeds to pick it up and take it home. When the man arrives at his home he hands is to his son.

“Who plays board games?” asks an unsuspecting Brantford teen after opening the recently unearthed Jumanji box, which strangely transforms into an old Nintendo game, which sucks the teen in. Years later, nerdy Spencer finds himself in detention with popular jock Fridge, Instagram-addicted queen bee Bethany and anti-social Martha. Very much like “The Breakfast Club” it is a very offbeat group of students. Nevertheless, they start fooling around with “an old-school Nintendo game” which when plugged in promises thrills for “those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind.” After choosing a few unfamiliar characters, the foursome is sucked into the digital vortex, and reborn as the characters they chose to play. Which is where the fun begins…

Wolff’s allergy-prone geek becomes Dwayne Johnson’s bulked-up archaeologist/explorer Dr. Smolder. the previously 6’5” Fridge turns into a 5’4” zoologist/weapons-valet Franklin “Moose” Finbar played by Kevin Hart, and Martha acquires dance-fighting skills as “killer of men” Ruby Roundhouse played by Karen Gillan. And most strangely, Dr. “Shelly” Oberon. Bethany transforms into Jack Black’s cartographer (study of maps) Sheldon who almost instantly gets eaten by a hippo, only to return with one less game-life to play. Dwayne Johnson continues to be himself with his “Rock” mentality, actually one of his strengths is intense smoldering, but he still contains his nerdiness from the real world.

The quirky little clique has to battle huge rhinos, vast hippos, horrible snakes and an evil baddie to restore a magic jewel to the main statue. In this way, they will win the game and escape from the world of Jumanji. But they must also find that long-lost castaway player from the 90s, who uses phrases such as “da bomb” and “so stoked.”

It is a very likable film and according to the numbers, the rest of the world would have to agree also. It is the fourth highest grossing film at the worldwide box office. It is the only movie that I can say that the remake/ sequel is better than the original. This Jungle-based kid’s movie is getting a lot of smack due to the crude humor in the movie and parents are complaining that it should have been more family friendly than it is.

When it hit screens it past last year’s other big hitter “The Last Jedi.” Somehow it managed to smash all box office expectation, riding the top spot into the New Year. Reviews were favorable, with the general consensus being that it wasn’t as bad as people thought it might be. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle found its audience.